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PM Tsipras tells Greeks “IMF’s Debt Relief not in Creditors’ Proposal on Referendum question”

In a short televised address to the nation, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras explained to voters that the analysis of the International Monetary Fund for debt relief in not included in Creditors’ proposal the main question of Sunday’s referendum. And that the government was vindicated by the IMF report on the Debt issue.

” Yesterday, the IMF released its report on Greece’s economy.

According to the IMF, the only way for Greece’s debt to be sustainable is with a 30% haircut and a 20-year grace period for repayment.

This report was never shared by the institutions during the 5 months that we’ve been negotiating.

“IMF’s 30% Debt haircut is not in Creditors’ proposal we are called to decide about on Sunday.

Two days before the Referendum, the Prime Minister tried to united the people as the Referendum debate has lead YES- and NO-supporters into an unprecedented polarization and division. However, he reiterated that he supports NO.

“Greek citizens, the time has come for responsibility and democracy. Let’s silence fear-mongering & baseless talk of disaster.

Let us calmly go to the polls, and make our choice by weighing the arguments–not the slogans.

I urge you to say  NO to ultimatums, blackmail and fear. To say NO to being divided.”

Alexis Tsipras repeated that the Referendum is not about Europe, something that has been claimed by both YES-supporters and the country’s creditors, but that it would strengthen the government’s negotiating position..

“On Sunday, it is not a decision on Greece’s position within Europe, but whether to  follow a policy leading to the slow death of the economy, whether to cut pensions or whether to strengthen our bargaining power. NO does not mean rupture with Europe but to continue negotiations.”

It was Tsipras’ fourth adress to the nation since he announced the Referendum a week ago.

Full speech in English later, when uploaded on PrimeMinistry website.

Ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας και ο έρπης στο κάτω χείλος του

KTG assumes that the Referendum debate will change now that Greek media noticed, the Prime Minister got something on his lower lip that could be Herpes due to distress. “Oh, look isn’t that Herpes?” some news presenters at private television channels commented as soon as Tsipras had concluded his speech on Friday afternoon.

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  1. It is a report not a proposal, and the new report is different than the old one because the economic situation in Greece got worse since end of negotiations.

    • It is a scientific study which relates to some time ago, and was suppressed by the IMF in the negotiations. It has been published ONLY because it was leaked (probably through Greek contacts with IMF staff).

      This is clear proof that the IMF has rejected its own economists’ advice, and chosen a political path. Lagarde should resign for her complicity in attempting to destabilise an economy under IMF guidance and interference in political and democratic process.

      The whole situation with political corruption of the EU is now out of control. It concerns trillions of euros and the economic conditions of major EU countries. Absolutely disgusting, to prioritise private banks and the very rich over the population of a country. The scum of the Troika belong in gaol — and it should be our objective to place them there. Of course, they are determined to put Samaras back in power in Greece, probably next week is their timeplan.

  2. No Kirk. The IMF report is still based on positive decades long figures.

    Stockman , worth reading.’t-waver-now-part-2

  3. Paul Mason just posted an interesting interview with Yiannis Varoufakis….. “there’s a new proposal somewhere in this building I could sign up to”

    • Alas, I think poor Yanis is deluded. The mere fact that the European Commssion staff are desperate to solve the problem and come up with favourable drafts is irrelevant. In the past, Germany just vetoed them and will do so again.
      In my opinion, the referendum result will make no difference to Greece. Whatever the outcome, Germany will bring down the Syriza government — and to do so will simply refuse to make a deal. With no deal, the banks will not reopen next week, and maybe ever (in the short term).

      The only way they can reopen without a deal supported by the crooks in Germany is to leave the EU and create a new currency. That would take months, and the country would collapse before then. My judgement is that Greece has been fucked by Germany, and will have to surrender in order for its people to have food. That surrender will not depend on the outcome of the referendum.