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Referendum final: NO 61.3%, YES 38.6%; SAMARAS resigns

Ballot boxes closed at 7 o’ clock in the afternoon. Immediately, several private television channels started to public results of public opinion surveys conducted among Greeks before and after they voted. However these results were not exit polls.

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Orange: NO Green YES

Live Blog starts here

07:30 pm

– First results from small electoral areas have been published by the Ministry of Interior.

-Merkel to fly to Paris on Monday afternoon to meet Hollande and talk “Greece”.

08:00 pm

Pollster Nikolakopoulos on Mega TV:

“First estimation based on counted votes: NO more than 55%

08:15 pm

NO-supporters started to flock to Syntagma Square outside the Greek Palriament in downtown Athens.

According to Greek media, Bank of Greece is going to request ELA by the ECB.

08:20 pm

Official Result: counted 8.67% out of total: NO 59.94%, YES 40.06%

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08:35 pm

Official by 19.6% counted:

NO 61%

YES 39%

the more they count, the less YES they find….

08:51 pm

Greek government spokesman Sakellaridis said that Bank of Greece will request additional Emergency Liquidity Assistance from the ECB tonight.

SYRIZA MP Nikos Fillis said the requested amount would be 3 billion euro.

08:53 pm

New Decmocracy MP Dora Bakoyiannis reportedly called ex PM and ND leader Antonis Samaras and asked him to resign.

Preliminary Referendum results indicate that Samaras has lost for a second time in 2015: the January elections and the Referendum. He was hoping for SYRIZA to resign/collapse/ousted so that he will return to power.

Samaras loved to speak of a “left-wing parenthesis” in the Greek governance.

08:58 pm

Despite the scaremongering by Greek opposition parties and EU officials, Greeks decided to reject the Creditors’ proposal.

Referendum: Greek voters angry at media & creditors, scare-mongering campaign seems to backfire

09:16 pm

Referendum results expose pollsters who ‘saw’ in public opinion surveys before Sunday, among others:

1. NO – YES at knife-edge

2. a “razor thin” vote in favor of YES

09:20 pm

Interesting that New Democracy MPs pound on their pre-Referendum slogan “THE BANKS are close.”

However Greeks clearly decided to say NO to Austerity and NO to Scaremongering 🙂

09:27 pm

“EU official” tells Reuters: no Eurogroup meeting was imminent as the FinMins would not know what to discuss about.”

So far no comment by the European Commission despite preliminary results and official projection of 61% NO39% YES

*** I miss EP President Martin Schulz – no word by him in the last 2-3 hours

09:30 pm

According to state ERT TV exclusive:

PM Alexis Tsipras has started to phone “European leaders” requesting Greece to be on negotiations status.”

09:35 pm

Minister Panos Skourletis: “Now the government has a strong negotiation paper.”

09:50 pm

Greeks did not fall into opposition’s trap that had twisted the Referendum question claiming the YES or NO were for Euro & Europe.

According to several public opinion surveys, also of the recent days:

75% of Greeks support the Euro.

However, until 2012/2013: 80%-85% was supporting the Euro.

09:56 pm

Youth section of New Democracy (ONNED) Chairman indirectly called on ND leader Antonis Samaras to resign.

“Now all Greeks united must go forward. PM Tsipras has to proceed with an agreement within 48 hours, as he had said.

The old political system has to renew itself.”

10:08 pm

Confirmed: PM Tsipras had a phone conversation with Hollande.

Greek government seeks to have Greece on “negotiations status” so that banks will open again.

10:12 pm

SYRIZA MP Fillis: “5 former Prime Ministers who were responsible for the Greek crisis came out to speak in favor of  YES. They turned into the best sponsors of NO.”

10:16 pm

Thousands in front of the Parliament and Syntagma Square to celebrate NO

Referendum results on bildboards

10:28 pm

Official 10:31 pm by 63.29% counted:

NO 61.32%

YES 38.68%


Follow Results in Real Time at Ministry of Interior

10:40 pm

Varoufakis: Greek people returned the deadline.

10:40 pm

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I hate links and they are bad for technical reasons. OK????????

10:48 pm
Merkels’ Vice Chancellor Gabriel: ” I cannot imagine how negotiations will proceed”
German SPD has been lacking imagination since Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt
10:52 pm
PM Alexis Tsipras is expected to make televised address within the hour.
10:54 pm
some statements and comments via Twitter:

w/ closed banks, Greek media propaganda, foreign media “leaks” & daily statements by EU officials yields 61% . Questions?

Communist party MP Kaneli now saying 5% blank/spoilt ballots reflect her party’s position. KKE sinking lower by the minute.

Manfred Weber MEP EPP Chair: Europe willing to give humanitarian aid to , “regardless of whether it remains in .” ()


Syntagma square now! crowd filled with joy. Chants against media propaganda

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 11:05 pm
+++former PM Antonis Samaras announced his resignation form New Democracy leadership.
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oops! for the case you miss him…
He spoke for some 3minutes but I cannot tell you what he said. It’s not important after all.
11:1o pm
+++There will be a EU Leader Summit on Tuesday via AFP + ERT TV
details: Merkel & Hollande decided to accept Greek Referendum results, they will meet on Monday in Paris & will propose EU LEADERS SUMMIT on Tuesday.
11:18 pm
missed earlier:
Varoufakis: “Today’s NO is a strong YES to a democratic Europe”
11:30 pm
Tsipras spoke woth Merkel and Draghi
11:34 PM
PM Alexis Tsipras address the nation
he thanks also people across Europe who demonstrated solidarity with Greece
Tomorrow Greece returns to negotiation table. Our top priority to have banks open again.
This time on negotiation table will be also the Debt Relief – he makes reference to IMF’s report
Referendum results doe snot mean rift with Europe
Today’s doesn’t have winners or losers. It is a great victory, in and of itself.
I will contact the President tomorrow to convene the Political Leaders Council where we represent our proposals + hear theirs.
Tsipras’ speech summary:
1. Negotiations + talks to start right away
2. Debt Relief will be on the table
3. Talks with GR’s political leaders (now that Samaras is gone …lol)
note: Samaras will be temporary replaced by Evangelos Meimarakis until ND elects new leader.
11:51 pm
Referendum results as of 11:50 pm
Counted: 88.58%
NO 62.45%
YES 38.55%
05-07-2015 23:50

Registered 8.610.765
Reporting 88,58 %
Voted 62,04 %
Invalid/Blank 5,79 %

61,45 %
38,55 %

Greeks voted for Europe, No Austerity and No Scaremongering. And gave PM Tsipras a fresh mandate to negotiate with creditors.

Whatever happens it will be more easy as people decided.


Alternate FinMin Mardas:

Banks will open on Monday and operate as on Friday.

Pensioners who have not withdrawn their pension last week will be able to do so tomorrow.

ATMs withdrawal limit remains at 60 euro.

KTG understands that no withdrawal of money at banks cash registers is possible unless for extraordinary reasons and after permission by the Fin Ministry.

According to the bank holiday law, the measure ends tonight. A new decision concerning capital controls and withdrawal limits will be taken on Monday after the ECB decision.

Mardas dismissed rumors of a “parallel currency.

When asked if there was “money” for the banks, Mards said: We’re waiting for the ECB decision on Monday.


European Council President Tusk announced: EU LEADERS SUMMIT to take place on Tuesday, 6:oo pm Brussels time/ 7:oo pm GR Time


Horror-obsessed EP President Martin Schulz told Greeks in a statement “other 18 EZ members do not into consideration what they [Greeks] voted for”.

he also said some other things like “kindergartens will close” rivers turn into blood, frogs and grasshoppers will jump in women’s decolletes and men’s pants.

meanwhile there is a petition addressed to the European Parliament with the request to Investigate Martin Schulz on reason:

“Martin Schulz has blatantly lied and threatened the Greek people trying to persuade a nation to vote Yes in the 5th July referendum. This is unacceptable behaviour of the president of the European Parliament. Investigations are demanded whether this is either legal and/or ethically correct.”
I swear I have nothing to do with it! lol
KTG’s blog concludes here.
Thank you for following KeepTalkingGreece 🙂


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  1. Right. Well done Greece. Now of course the main question for Tsipras and Varoufakis. What is plan B?
    You can be sure that the “institutions” are going to get VERY nasty about this. VERY VERY nasty… Sour grapes and bad losers.
    So, what after “Όχι day V2” ?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Now they already start to shit out of their mouths again, like the question was void, the referendum is fake and their beer-brains don’t check that they call the people in Greece too stupid to understand the question they answered.
      One example of hunt goes: „We have to stay cool now but one thing is for sure: leftist racketeers and Volksbelüger(*) like Tsipras we can’t let get away with…” (Andreas Scheuer General Secretary of CSU)
      *”Volksbelüger”: liars to the people

  2. I found a report on a strategic document for the YES-campaign by New Democracy. It is a German & English translation and describes instructions for TV channels, polling companies and representatives of the YES-campaign. Among the tactics are “to scare women and pensioners, as they are the most vulnerable”, “show bank queues” and “fabricate polls with 5-10 points difference in favor of YES”.
    Did you get notice of the original document in Greek?

    I am sooo relieved that the Greek people resisted these immense intimidations!

    • It is fortunate that the ND people are rather stupid, and their intimidation tactics (like those of the eurozone) rather obvious. Greeks do not respond well to threats.

  3. Excellent coverage ktg! It’s a sad day for samaris and co.,although I’m a little uneasy about what tricks the eu is going to come up with next to drop greece..

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thank you. ah, you know it is easier for the people to accept now that they have decided.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Schulz was again “warning” to vote NO this morning in a broadcast of Deutschlandfunk. His lying about coming to campaign in Greece he’s now putting upside down, that he was able to resist the wish to take part in the campaigns shows now his strength. In his “logic” to stay outside of Greece means that he wasn’t campaigning:

  5. Eurozone will take Grexit or new agreement with conditions at best same as in the last proposal before referendum. Whatever debt relief they’ll propose it will demand more fiscal and labor reforms because they will want to make sure that remaining restructured debt can be paid back.
    Real problem now, negotiating new agreement needs time and all Eurozone parliaments have to vote on the new agreement. This requires time.
    Forget about agreement in 48 hours. They will make Tsipras’ and Varoufakis’ life as difficult as possible.
    ECB will probably keep ELA at current level (no new funds), because situation has not changed since Friday (still no agreement), so banks remain closed).
    Greece will need a lot of courage, real austerity starts now.

    • Unfortunately you are right. The most important question for the time being is: how will the ECB react? Probably ELA will remain frozen, so Greek banks will continue to be closed. I wonder how long this can go on before totally killing off the Greek economy. And whether there will be some emergancy plan from the ECB or whether they will let Greece die a slow death. Too bad the government doesn’t have a Plan B and that Plan A looks like this: use the people’s suffering to appeal to the creditors’ mercifulness. I thought they would know by now whom they are negotiating with…

  6. Corona Borealis

    Immediately after the polls closed, Varoufakis twittered that he never said there will be a an agreement within 24 hours:
    Why didn’t he say that before?

    • He said he EXPECTED(aka no 100% certainty to be had here) an agreement by monday, repeatedly.
      Also he guaranteed that by Tuesday the banks will open.
      Time will tell.

      • In an interview with FAZ, Varoufakis said if asked whether the banks will open after the referendum he has to say “yes”, explaining that there are questions a finance miníster can not answer honestly.

        It’s funny how close he is to Juncker with this attitude, who once said “when it gets serious, you have to lie”.

        I doubt banks can open soon as Draghi will have a hard time just explaining why ELA can be maintained at the existing level. It’s clear that that’s a necessity, but he’s way beyond the ECB’s mandate. But I hope that a solution can be found that gets Greece back on track without other EU countries having to send further money to Greece. I’d expect this would most likely mean introducing a new currency in Greece, but I’m happy to be proven wrong if negotiators find a different way out.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          They’d better explain why one German bank is more worthy to survive than a whole country as 50 billion ELA was given to Hypo Real Estate.
          Regarding Varoufakis: Linguists will see hundreds of diplomas to get in the future and face years of work to get through the German translations. F.i. when they told the public that Tsipras will resign after a NAI vote the thing he told the interviewer was something like “Though I’m not a fair weather cyclists I wouldn’t ride every weather”
          Does it rain ice-nuggets?

          • HRE is as big as several Greek banks combined. And had/has much better securities. Also, Greek banks didn’t only receive 50 billions, but almost 90 billions so far. The ECB stretched the rules to the limits and even beyond by going that far. The Tsipras government should have done something to stabilize the banks, but instead they even increased the burden by passing an anti-foreclosure law that further reduced the possibility to recover bad credits. Syriza can’t reasonably blame anyone for the dire money shortage now but themselves!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            ops! The good old German trolls found their way back to my blog 😛

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Not the Greek banks but the savers received their money, between 120bn and 125bn is still left, so if Frankfurt really believes it can get rid of Greece they’d better start printing the rest. The only thing what’s happening here beside racketeering Greece is to get banks for cheap, just like 4 billion got stolen away from Cypriot savers by ECB and then was gifted to Pireas Bank for 400 million.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      May be he didn’t knew about this rumour?

  7. Have a nice GreekEnd.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      So you didn’t vote? How comes, did the Greek embassy had no paper to print you a passport?

      • All paper must be confiscated for new Krachma.

        You guys don’t know what you are doing. It will take generations to recover from this bolshevik revolution. I am from communist country, I konow what I am writing about, but you just don’t see it yet.

        • What has any of this got to do with “communist country” or “Bolshevik revolution2. People have simply said they are not prepared to accept the last proposal as it was put on the table, that’s all. It would be really good to see how this can in any way be explained as a bolshevik revolution…Can you explain this please?

          • Do you know the name of Tsipras youngest son? Do you know something About parents of Varoufakis? If that is not a warning signal for you, I can go further.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            You know kids names are always made by god and pope not by parents

          • Ernesto Che Guevara

          • ??????????????
            What has their family got to do with anything?

          • Raul Castro:
            “I extend sincere congratulation for the ‘No’ victory in the Greek referendum,”

          • OF all the communist countries you pick this one.
            With decades of embargo, they have higher literacy rate in Cuba then in US and the only thing ever threatening that government in the pastt were US sponsored coups. Not that its all perfect, but you could do much worse in many other places around the world.

          • MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras discussed by phone on Monday the results of a referendum in which Greeks overwhelmingly rejected the bailout terms proposed by international creditors, the Kremlin said in a statement.

          • Don’t tell me you are trying to convince us that Putin is a communist, or the Russian Federation a communist state? If there ever was a capitalist state, modern day Russian Federation is it… You really should engage brain before opening mouth…
            As for the names, as you call yourself Tukan, must we then conclude that you are simply constantly drunk on Guinness? Your comments do often suggest this could very well be the case…

          • You are very naive.
            Varufakis – red oligarchy
            Tsipras – communist
            Raul Castro – best friend
            Putin – discussing with Tsipras weekly

            Russia is imperial state, still trying to play superpower.
            Putin represents the worst KGB based oligarchy. With him communist propaganda is back as well as KGB/NKVD methods. See for example his comment on Molotov-Ribbentrop.

  8. You wondered about Schulz, he was in tagesthemen about 40 min ago.
    Basically said that the ball is in tsipras/varoufakis court now and that he is curious as to what proposals they will bring.
    Also said that there should be talks about immediate humanitarian aid.

    • “Also said that there should be talks about immediate humanitarian aid.”

      It’s totally clear that EZ cares shit about a quick 48-hours-agreement. They’d prefer to spend billions and billions on humanitarian aid over agreeing to a single cent of debt relief. Greece will now enter limbo – getting enough assistance to avoid open starvation on the streets until Greece either desparately leaves EZ or comes crawling back to accept another memorandum.

      • I dont even understand why you think a “quick 48h agreement” would be possible even if everyone involved wanted that.
        At least 5 parliaments have to be asked before official negotiations can even begin. Plus once an agreement is reached that needs to be ratified. How is all that supposed to happen within 48 hours?

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          That’s what they tell the people but decisions can be made immediately also without their parliaments because it’s summer; courts can call it foul when summer is over.

          • No they cant. They can find some sort of agreement on head of government level and then maybe ecb can get ela running again. But real negotitations, I know that at least in ger bundestag has to be asked/ has to give a mandate for new negotitions, that too btw is democracy in action.
            You cant just ignore parliament jsut because theyxre not in session. If it comes to that emergency session will be held.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Legals like it was always bullshit to tell the people that it all ends days before June 30 so the parliaments could vote, for real they’d have voted after June 30.
            Get a fine while on holiday and miss the deadline you can ask the prosecutor to get set back into before holiday status

          • No my friend they wouldnt have simply voted after 30.6. , just like even if there had been a yes yesterday still no money would flow from 2nd package.
            It is not one prosecutor/only merkel who decides, there are 18 other countries, and just like the greek people are sovereign and have every right to a referendum or any kind of government they want, so do those other 18 countries. So if their constitution demands debate in parliament, thats what theyll do.
            Also at this point it is nowhere near clear that all those parliaments and governments will even agree to new negotiations.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            For anything like this the blockade would have been extended until 27th or 28th in its contracts.
            That was just a typical German try to talk into everything and eat goatshit,

          • I realize you give a shit about rules and laws, but since you dont have the power to make others behave like yourself there are other people and systems that do at least most of the time(and when they dont thats when people rightly get pissed). One last time right now there is no mandate to negotiate either new money or a haircut.
            Btw. I really love that attitude, one day after the huge victory for democracy you piss on the democratic procedures of other countries, then again you also managa to call other people racicst and nazi while at the same time proposing to start a war and level cities while simultaniously insulting poles, germans plus eastern “europeans” in general.
            Youre awesome, I couldnt do this all the same time, maybe youre secretly two persons.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Are you too smart to see stupid? The extension was until June 30 and that is in this case “the law” not this cowardly tricks played out of the leftover holes of some rip-off contract, to come 3 days too early to a meeting is more crazy than 1 day too late.
            Same with that ELA-nonsense. If all savers would get their money out of the German banks there would be the same problem: The money is not there and to hide this scandal therefore exists the central-bank and in its fraud it prints money.
            A single-currency that depends on the work of more than one central-bank is fraud as it’s no single-currency at all.
            Anyway: 50 billion ELA for Hypo Real is a crime

          • “…not this cowardly tricks played out of the leftover holes of some rip-off contract, to come 3 days too early to a meeting is more crazy than 1 day too late.”

            I dont understand what you mean by this.
            That the money is not in the banks is clea. Obviously they use that money to give out loans, thats the primary function of a bank after all. So yes if the germans did a bank run like this the banks here would also be in trouble. BUT, this is liquidity trouble, its not like that money vanished never to be seen again, it is just bound in loans and other assets that cannot be immediatly liquified. The difference is that the greek banks are soaked up with government T-Bills and right now the government doesnt pay back its loans.
            The only legal basis to give ELA was because ecb accepted those T-bills as colleteral, now that colleteral is very much in question, so obviously no expansion of ELA and if the payment to the ecb at the end of this month gets ignored too, then ELA will end completly, by default not necessarily because of bad intentions.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        This “humanitarian aid” does not exist, it’s their polite way to say “Wow, and now we have to feed these bastards”, just rhetoric as not any humanitarian aid will come without any “but”.
        Meanwhile the trucks with aid keep on rolling to Greece, from Germany, Belgium and Austria filled by the Diaspora and friends since five years.

        • You seem to be confident that this will all be fine very soon, for the sake of the greek people I hope youre right.

  9. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Gabriel: “Greece burned last bridges…”

  10. “former PM Antonis Samaras announced his resignation form New Democracy leadership.”

    Probably the best news from today.

    “Manfred Weber MEP EPP Chair: Europe willing to give humanitarian aid to #Greece, “regardless of whether it remains in #Eurozone.” (@dpa)


    I’m obviously missing the fun part of this cynical message. Cannot laugh.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Did the 2 billion for humanitarian aid came Junker was some months ago lying about like he was lying about the 35 billion?; both possible only with 15% co-finance by the Greek state

  11. I was also for No, maybe from other reasons than the others. Now the situation is clear, Syriza has all responsibility. We are waiting for the ECB… Theirs is the next step in the gamble.
    The longest Game of Chicken is over… Everybody will show cards now.

    • The ECB will do nothing at all, is my opinion. They will wait for instructions from their masters — the Germans. The Germans will do nothing, and wait for Greece to fall apart, then blame it all on the Syriza government in the hope that the Greek people will kick Syriza out.

      The Germans are rather clumsy and crude, when it comes to politics and power. They have not made much progress since 1945.

      • So if they do nothing, how are they to blame?
        I thought the creditors doing nothing would be aexactly what you and Giaourti would want.

        • The eurozone is supposed to be a currency union with a central bank, protecting the currency. It was named the “eurozone”, not the “Do-nothing-zone”. However, with the current German attitude it will soon have to be renamed the “Former eurozone” because it will not survive your stupidity.

          • Say have you ever met someone in life that didnt agree with you that wasnt stupid? If I look at your comments it seems to me that in your definition its almsot the same thing 😉

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            As you seem to know what people want

          • No I dont, hard enough to know what I want. Sometimes people will gie you and indication though, like yesterday.

          • Xenos is just mad because his books are not selling

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Print it out for free, common license wikipedia

          • It’s not my fault that you are stupid. It seems fairly obvious to me that doing nothing in a crisis is not an option, unless you couldn’t give a fuck about the overall situation. In other words, you are acting like a selfish piece of excrement.

            Let’s put it in human terms (the Germans will be horrified at the idea). You live in a country in economic crisis, but you have slightly more money/food than you need. Next door to you is a family that is starving, with several young kids too. You don’t like the father: you think he is someone who didn’t work very hard in earlier years, wasn’t ambitious enough, and then lost his job. But they are now starving.

            Do you: (a) Tell his family, you are lazy useless people, and it is God’s will that you are starving and will die?
            (b) give them so money and food, which you can spare, and wish them the best. Maybe offer them some help in finding money and work?
            (c) offer them a loan of money at interest, and explain carefully to them that thugs will come and break their legs if they don’t repay in 12 months time.

            And whcih of these would you say characterises the German atttitude?

          • Its not my fault you are naive. For years and years the deal offered was money at conditions. That is what was offered, I might not like these conditions, but that is whats was and is on the table.
            And now the greek people have clearly said NO to the conditions and the money.
            SO why are you surprised that there is no money?

            Btw. NOW you want them to something to better the situation aka help.
            But at every step along the way you uinsult the people you want help from. How likely is it that someone you just called a nazi a massmurderer and a terrorist will say : Im pretty sure you cant give the money back but hey were old pals use my credit card as you like?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            You little secret police embassy lackey, odious debt and blackmailed conditions, even the extension of the “rescue”-package is a result of racketeer and after one year of blockading the money because you always invent every 3 months new “conditions” that THEY decide on o only they, it’s getting seen everywhere that this is no rescue but blockade and an embargo forced on Greece: You wanna see refugees starve in Greece to get even better cards because you’re so jealous that some Greeks and Turks working as “Gastarbeiter” made some money to have a small house or apartment that you now want

          • Naive? I hardly think so. The naive ones are the silly Germans, who allow their politicians to finance banks out of taxpayers’ money and then claim to be “helping” Greece. The naive ones are the silly Germans who had their wages and pensions cut 15 years ago, so that businesses and the rich could make better profits: now that they are making massive money out of exports, the silly Germans are still on low wages.

            A large part of this problem is in fact that the stupid German public is unable to follow politics, and has been tricked into blaming Greeks for their “laziness” and “refusal to reform” and suchlike.

            I see that you did not answer my question, though, of which approach out of the three resembles the German one. Too difficult for you?

  12. People of Greece,

    We like your people and your culture but we have lent you billions of euros which are indeed the taxes of our people. You don’t want to reform, to repay off the debt but yet you want more money from Europe to pay for a suicidal policy that will never solve your problems.

    We say no (oxi), the door is wide open, good bye and good luck.

    People of Europe

  13. The creditors will have to make a deal with Tsipras. The creditors will not say farewell to the over 220 thousand million euros they have invested in the Greek debt.
    Angela Merkel’s bluffing with all her guts. Should Greece step out of the Euro, it will the failure of the European project. There’ll be a deal. Greece’s shown the world that there’s another solution, the solution of honesty, humanity. In the past we have also heard that there was no other solution but the occupation of Europe, but Europe found her way out of oppression.

  14. Thank you Greece. Obrigado Grécia.
    OXI is right.

  15. I seriously doubt there will be new proposals from the EU. The government that is willing to put more money into Greece will probably not stay a government long enough to see the transaction.

    So what happens next? It is hard to see.

  16. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    “Parallel currency” is another hype, as the ECB will consider that as counterfeit money.

  17. Varoufakis resigned 🙁
    Like I always said, dont always agree but the man has got (most of the time) arguments.

  18. “The government that will put more money into Greece”

    What are they talking about ?
    The EU puts money into Greece & what does it get in return ?
    There is no way that the EU or even Blind Freddy would put money into Greece or anywhere else for that matter if they were not getting IMMEDIATE BENEFITS – BENEFITS BEYOND MONEY & INTEREST ON MONIES LOANED.
    I personally believe that the EU has been nothing less than the ruin of its member countries & the sooner it is broken up the better.
    The EURO currency can remains as the currency across the board but independence is the only way a nation can work & thrive & not as a subsiduary of Germany.
    And beyongd German is the TTIP agteement where the US & Germany own & control everything in sight.

  19. p.s.
    The cash only system can only be in place for a short time.
    Most of the money in the system is CYBER MONEY & does not exist in real termes
    It would cost a fortune to print & mint up all the money in circulation.
    So sooner rather than later the card swipe & or credit card would come back into use.
    The whole global system is wired up & connected to the CYBER SYSTEM.
    Can you imagine the horror.
    They would never let it happen because they to would fall into the inferno that would result.

  20. german tax payer

    Dear Greek people,
    don’t borrow money if you are not willing to pay back. If you try to manage your life with borrowing money from others don’t be surprised if the bank / lender at a certain point of time would kindly ask to change your life style or you would not get any more money.
    Greece has indulged in a living standard that is far beyond it’s financial opportunities and based on assumptions that the EU would pay all that for ever. We do not want to pay for you forever.
    Change your system, start to collect your own taxes. Then you can speak up. Not willing to change – no money from outside anymore. As easy as that. Do what you want – we wish you all the best. But we will not pay for you anymore.

  21. The Greeks are celebrating because the rest of the EU led by the Germans has thrown money at them that they can now more easily get away with not repaying. Which country is the stupid one?

  22. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    The request to investigate Martin Schulz is reaching the aim of 20.000 right now