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IMF to ask Greece’s opposition for ‘assurances’ in implementation of extra austerity

The International Monetary Fund will seek assurances by Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy in case the fund decides to participate in the Greek program. In the regular briefing on Thursday, the spokesman of IMF, Gerry Rice, did not rule out assurances by the Greek opposition. Assurances mean that Greece’s …

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Referendum final: NO 61.3%, YES 38.6%; SAMARAS resigns

Ballot boxes closed at 7 o’ clock in the afternoon. Immediately, several private television channels started to public results of public opinion surveys conducted among Greeks before and after they voted. However these results were not exit polls. Orange: NO Green YES Live Blog starts here 07:30 pm – First …

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Greek Church will not hold funeral services to those choosing cremation

Believers in Greece, beware! Greek Orthodox Church turns its back to those who choose cremation over traditional burial. In a circular sent to all Metropolises, the Holy Synod of Bishops says that no priest will hold a funeral service and a memorial service to those who explicitly declared they wanted …

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Merkel in Athens: “I came to take a look into the future”

“I came here to take a look into the future and talk with new people with new ideas,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, right upon her arrival in Athens. I have to apologize right away, though. It was not …

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Public Opinion Surveys: ND-SYRIZA Close, Golden Dawn on the Rise

 Two public opinion surveys published on Saturday show the Samaras’s party Nea Dimocratia and left-wing SYRIZA are head to head, while extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is on the rise. On both surveys, GD is third party in the preference of respondents. One survey shows that SYRIZA leads with 1.2%, while …

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Theodorakis & Greek Academics call People to Mass Protest, May 31

An important protest-event is taking place at 7 p.m. on Thursday outside the Athens University as academics and intellectuals are going to inform the public about the IMF Memorandum, the austerity measures and the economic crisis. With this event the organizers are aiming to “waken the society about the austerity measures …

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