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Opposition parties slam Greek Gov’t for “imposing restrictions without plan”

One after the other, Greece’s opposition parties slammed the government on Saturday after it announced stricter lockdown measures again, following a relative relaxation it had permitted over Christmas and New Year.

“Restrictive measures imposed without a plan and without financially supporting the society are doomed to fail,” said main opposition party SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance. The government continues “on a course of failure” as the pandemic is spinning out of control even after two months of a nationwide lockdown, said SYRIZA in a statement.

The main opposition party said the government is “panic-stricken” and that “it has no plan”. Furthermore, “it refuses to strengthen the national health system, to provide mass coronavirus testing for all citizens, or proceed with the necessary requisition of private clinics.”

Safety measures at offices, work places and also industrial factories, are still insufficient or non-existent, while the reopening of the country’s schools is being considered “without listening to the health experts’ advice and without taking all the measures required to ensure and protect the health of students and teachers.”

“The only thing this government is doing is blaming the citizens for its own failures,” says Syriza.

In the same wave length was also a statement by KINAL/PASOK.

“The government continues without a clear plan, confuses citizens and driving to deadlock business people and consumers,” KINAL spokesman Pavlos Christides said. “For one more time it shows lack of strategy and insufficiency, and insists in horizontla measures which is a mistake,” Christides added. He called on the government to proceed with safe opening of the sectors after massive testing.

Communist KKE also criticized the government and said in a statement that “after a period of complacency on the occasion of the necessary vaccinations, the government discovered today that the problems and the pressure on the public health system remain.”

This back and forth is the price the people pay as the public system is not sealed, the necessary measures in work places and schools are still missing,” KKE said.

MeRA25 also slammed the government for the confusing policy stressing that the same day the development minister announced partial lifting in the next period and click in shop possibility, the lockdown is toughened again.

Stressing that the government follows the old tactics of “playing by ear” MeRA25 said that the government was “irresponsible, it has no real preparation and no plan.”

For Elliniki Lysi the problem for the lockdown toughening was the banning of the presence of faithful at the Blessing the Waters Ceremony at Epiphany, Jan 6. “This is an unprecedented Christianophobia,” the party said about the conservative government.

The stricter lockdown is supposed to end on Jan 11 when the schools reopen again.

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