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Furious Greeks launch petition against EP President Schulz for Scaremongering Referendum voters

European Parliament President Martin Schulz angered a lot of Greeks – if not all – with this unprecedented statements of blatant intervention into the political affairs of a sovereign country and of out of control scaremongering to Greek voters, before, during and after the Referendum.

Now, some people got really pissed off with Martin Schulz and launched a petition asking the European Parliament to investigate his case:

European Parliament: Investigate EP President Schulz

European Parliament: Investigate EP President Schulz

Why this is important

Martin Schulz has blatantly lied and threatened the Greek people trying to persuade a nation to vote Yes in the 5th July referendum. This is unacceptable behaviour of the president of the European Parliament. Investigations are demanded whether this is either legal and/or ethically correct.

It is not so simple for EP to “investigate” President Martin Schulz as he is protected by “EP Immunity”. But yet we have to send Schulz and the EP a very strong message  that what he does in not conform with his public office.

And who knows? If 1,000,000 signatures are collected… we could achieve something 🙂


EP President Martin Schulz – SPD

Martin Schulz’s latest scaremongering delirium to Greek voters:

July 4/2015 – a day before Referendum:

“Without new money, salaries won’t be paid, the health system will stop functioning, the power network and public transport will break down and they won’t be able to import vital goods because nobody can pay.” EP Schulz threatens Greeks with Armageddon via UK’s Telegraph

July 5/2015 – during Referendum to German radio Deutschlandunk:

“Is Greece still in the euro after this referendum? That is certainly the case, but if they say ‘no’ they will have to introduce another currency after the referendum because the euro is not available as a means of payment. The moment someone introduces a new currency, they exit the euro zone. Those are the elements that give me some hope that the people will not vote ‘no’ today.”

July 5th – After Referendum results:

“Normal citizens, pensioners, ill and children in Greece should not pay the price for the dramatic situation.” via ZEITONLINE

He uploaded his video-message to Greece and drew the poisoned-loaded comments by Greeks:

Mr your statement on is shameful, given your EU position.You should respect Democratic procedures.

UPDATE: The petition was NOT launched by a Greek as falsely thought but by an expat living in Greece for the last 23 years. Nevertheless, Greeks keep signing it like crazy. Also foreigners. We are a big European Family after all 🙂

PS I would be also satisfied if he would publicly apologize for the psychological damage he has caused to the Greek people.

BTW: German SPD has to redefine “Social-Democratic” in its party title

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  1. Renie Spijkerman

    Thank you so much guys for your support, they have to be held responsible in whatever way. Again thanks! Renie (creator of petition)

  2. Martin Schulz should be resigned immediately! Unaccapltable for a democrat. A shame

  3. He and some of his co-gamblers in this political poker game (Wolfgang Schaeuble, Jeroen Djsselbloem, etc.) should be replaced by decent experts like “our” Tsipras/Varufakis!

    • There are no decent experts in the Eurogroup. The Eurogroup are a bunch of shameful defenders of liberal capitalism. Their aim is only to support creditors to suck the mellow out of countries who happened to get trapped in their criminal web. Take its president for example, Jeroen Djsselbloem: corruption in first degree!

  4. Renie Spijkerman

    Re-write that UPDATE guys, I have lived on Crete for 23 years and, although born in Amsterdam, I am as Greek as they come!

  5. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    It’s ASPD for Asozialdemokraten

  6. René Henri Pasche

    The maxim “présidence oblige” cannot be translated into German, and Mr S. does probably not speak French well enough to understand it correctly.

  7. unacceptable ! shame !

  8. ein unglaubliches Verhalten für den EP Präsidenten.

  9. I get anger at an outside politician interfering with inside matter, but the last part with the video I dont get.
    It starts with “the no has won overwhelmingly and we have to respect this” and then you complain about him not respecting the decicion?
    What does respecting the referendum mean then/ in what way is he disrespecting it????

  10. The representatives of the ECB, EAA AND IMF that we watch on TV everyday DISGUSTINGLY look more like a pack of gangsters and mobsters in suits and ties ganging up on their little victim.

    BUT, stand tall and strong you people of Greece who gave Socrates and DEMOCRACY to the West.

    REDISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS, THEN GO BACK TO AND PRINT YOUR DRACHMA TO FILL UP YOUR BANKS … You don’t need the Euro of the gangsters or to be humiliated further. Yanis and the many top Greek financial and economic experts MUST SURELY know how to do this with the least pain whilst still keeping your PRIDE AND INDEPENDENCE.

    It may be hard for a while but in the end, I am sure Greece will have the last laugh whilst the gangsters and their EU continues to languish and die a slow death.


  11. Grow up

    You think you can use all kind of namecalling and all other people
    have to shut up.
    Very democratic indeed.

  12. Mr. Schulz just told simple truths. If you cannot take it like grown-ups you just show how right the critics of Greece have been. Your ranting here about what Schulz said is just childish and sick.