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Greece leads in EU- and EZ-unemployment: 25% general and 51.8% among youth

Nice. Unemployment rate dropped from 25.6% April to 25% in May 2015. However, this positive development did not hinder Greece from holding the top position in unemployment among the European Union and the Eurozone countries. With 25% in general unemployment and 51.8% among the youth, Greece leads the list of the countries enjoying the European Union membership and the blessing of the Eurozone prosperity. Greece is followed by Spain with 22.2% unemployment and 48.6% among youth.

In comparison:

2015: April 25.6%  – May 25%

2014: May 27%

In the real life language these rates mean that one in four Greeks is without a work, while more than one in two young Greeks below 25 has no work either.

To this we should add

• that several thousands of young Greeks have migrated abroad seeking for a good or bad paid job.

• that the unemployment statistics do not take into consideration the unemployment rates among the self-employed

• that labor craft above 50 are damned to never find a job again, except some short term contracts funded by the EU

• that unidentified number of young and older jobless may occasionally get a short term job without insurance just for the sake of earning some money.

Therefore, the EUROSTAT data are as trustworthy as the data submitted by the national statistic agencies.

Anyway, according to EUROSTAT, youth unemployment in EU was 4,634,000 in July 2015. From this 4.5+ million, 3,093,000 were – and probably still are – in the eurozone member countries.

July 2015

youth unemployment in EU: 20.4%

youth unemployment in EZ: 21.9%

But there is good news, folks, then youth unemployment decreased by 465,000 in EU and by 336,000 in EZ when compared to July 2014.

I assume, the youth unemployment was decreased because of the temporary jobs funded by the EU and President Jean Claude Juncker with his generous sustainable growth and development packages.

EUROSTAT unemployment rates July 2015

PS if you haven’t seen a cent from Juncker’s package yet, don’t give up. The euro-aid is rolling towards the European South but probably has stopped at an iron fence or was delayed due to some unexpected tele-conference call.

And if you still have doubts… trust New Democracy elections slogan “The smile is coming back”.


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