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Fire in Athens Psychiatric Hospital: 3 dead, 3 seriously injured

Three patients tied up in their beds found the most cruel death after a fire broke out at Greece’s biggest Psychiatric Hospital in Dafni in western Athens. Another three patients have been seriously injured, while a seventh patient is been reportedly missing.

The fire broke out at 4:30 pm Friday in one of the wards on the ground floor of the facility and gradually spread to other wards of the building.

The three victims were found in a ward out of which the fire-brigades managed to evacuate a total of 17 people. In the specific ward were reportedly severe psychiatric cases, with many patients being tied up in their beds, unable to move.

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear, and media speculate that the fire started in the ward where the dead patients were found.

Another media scenario claims that the fire was set by a patient.

More than 30 firefighters, with 11 fire trucks, were trying to extinguish the blaze. By 6 o’ clock the fire was partially under control.

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