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Tsipras will push for EU Resolution to make refugees’ resettlement “compulsory” for EU-members

In an exclusive interview with Program Frontal 21 of German state broadcast ZDF, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described the border closure by several EU-member states as “unacceptable” and threatened for one more time to veto EU decisions at the EU – Turkey Leaders Summit on March 7th 2016.

This unilateralism is unacceptable, the refugee crisis can not be dealt with by one country alone, ” Tsipras warned.

If we do not manage to find a common solution, then, this will not be just a problem for Greece, this will endanger our common future in Europe.”

As a consequence, Alexis Tsipras announced an EU initiative by Greece.

At the EU-Turkey Summit,

“Greece will push for a resolution that binds all countries to take in refugees from Greece and Turkey.

The resettlement of refugees should be not on voluntary but on compulsory basis, depending on the population and economic strength of each country.

It is unacceptable that one would not wants to share the burden of the refugee crisis. The refugee crisis can only be solved with solidarity.”

“We hope that Germany helps us,” Tsipras told Frontal 21 adding that “this time we are the ones who say that agreements must be respected.”

PM Tsipras stressed that the problem is not that Greece can not protect its borders:

“We have sea borders and it is impossible to secure the border in the middle of the sea. When the refugees with the help of smugglers approach with boats our borders that are also European borders, there is only one requirement: you must save the people.” He added that he hopes that the flow will stop with the NATO Mission  and stressed: “Then everybody will see whether the NATO can protect the borders or not and if not then who can?”

Turkey apparently agrees to have refugees flown to EU

Turkey seems to be on the same wavelength on this, as Turkey‘s ambassador to EU Selim Yenel told Euobserver, that under the action plan and the resettlement project Turkey and EU agreed last year

a group of refugee-friendly EU states, led by Germany, will take Syrians who have “temporary protection” status directly from Turkey.

Of course, this means that there will have to be EU-conform registration and resettlement centers (hot spots) in Turkey that awaits the 3 billion euro cheque plus political concessions in order to reduce the number of migrants coming to Greece and consequently to European Union.

PS Monday, March 7th will be a very interesting day for Greece, as not only the EU Summit takes place but also the Eurogroup. #ouch

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  1. Adopting an EU resolution to make taking in refugees/migrants compulsory will be the end of the EU. This is just window dressing anyway cause it will be very hard for such a resolution to be adopted.
    Germany unilaterally flying in refugees will also put the union at risk and will make countries raise borders. If the EU falls apart then Merkel will go down in history as the politician that broke it.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      with its hegemonic ambitions, Germany broke EU +EZ long ago

      • Too right! Instead of using tanks this time they are using banks. The mantra of “we want an European Germany, not a German Europe” was a load of BS. With clever Euro tactics they became top economic dog in Europe and they killed off the competition with their imposed austerity. But many countries are now turning on Germany. Unfortunately Greece is caught in the cross fire but Tspiras is also to blame for that. But Greece cannot be blamed for moving the refugees/migrants up North asap. Everybody is doing that because after all Merkel wanted them.