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Mass Exodus: Refugees cross border river, FYROM police arrests them and 30 photo-reporters

The March of Hope of the desperate. The march through hills and mountains, streams and rivers. Hundreds of refugees started to walk through a dangerous passage on Monday  in order to enter the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Carrying their children and some luggage, men, women, young and elderly  set foot in the river Suva Reka between Greece and FYROM, a border area without fence. # Afhgans were drowned in the morning, 30 photo-reporters have been arrested by FYROM auhtorities.

Changing “open borders” and “we want to leave” a group of 1,000 people started to walk around 12 o’ clock noon, soon another 1,000 followed.

The “March of Hope” towards Europe started when a paper claiming “the borders are not really closed” was distributed among the tents and the mud of Idomeni camp and that if they walked 5 km they would have been in FYROM. among others, the leaflet was claiming that “The borders of Germany are open for you” The paper was allegedly distributed on Sunday night, around 12 noon on Monday the first group left the camp in Idomeni.

Carrying their babies and the few luggage they had, the people followed their strong will for a better future.

With the ice-cold water reaching their knees, holding the rope from river bed to river bed and helping each other to come though, the refugees tried to leave Greece. Despite the fact that FYROM army and police were awaiting them on the other side. Despite the fact that FYROM authorities had warned them that they would be deported back to Greece.

The refugees were accompanied by Greek and international photo-reporters. When the media people reached the other side they were arrested for having illegally entered the country. According to latest information, some 30 photo-reporters and journalists are been held at the Gevgeli police station and that each has to pay a fine of 250 euro.

Greek media report at 8 pm news, that some 700 refugees have been arrested by FYROM authorities as well. One of the arrested reporters told MEGA TV, that FYROM authorities took the arrested refugees “with trucks” to an unknown destination.

Two Afgan men and a women were drowned earlier on Monday when they attempted to cross the river, apparently before the mass exodus had started.

It is still not known who is behind this action and what was the purpose to send a total of some 2,000 desperate people to such a dangerous passage that would certainly would not take them to Germany.

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  1. Who is behind this? Can be any or a combination of the following: Organizations funded by Soros or ME countries who have been ‘guiding’ the refugees/migrants; smugglers who see their sources of revenue dry up; or Greek government agents trying to ‘get rid of’ the people.
    These people are resourceful and smart. New routes will be established. People smugglers are already using the Bulgarian route to route people into Serbia. If FYROM becomes fully closed then Albania will become a new route.

  2. I guess, that greek anarchists made the action.
    If the west dont change his politics around the world, it cant stop the flow of refugees.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      ‘odd’ nickname, no?

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Right so, the real name-holder wouldn’t participate in bullshit speculations like this and would call this attitude of snitch; Greek anarchists, locals and anybody living in Greece know what small rivers look like after days of rain.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I suppose this guy one of the provocateurs of the action and most probably from one of the xenophobic around Austria