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Mass quarrel breaks out among Syrian & Afghan refugees in Piraeus port (video)

A brawl between Syrian and Afghan refugees broke out on Thursday evening in the premises of the port of Piraeus where more than 4,000 people are camping. Dozens of men fought against each other at the time when the dinner was about to be distributed.

As there was no police around, it was the volunteers who tried to calm down the spirits, while there is report that “people from the Red Cross were blowing the cars horns” in a kind of awkward effort to bring back the order. Finally, a few men from the Coast Guard got involved and manage to bring back the order, although it was not their duty.

According to latest information, the quarrel broke out at 7 p.m. when started to queue for  dinner and a group of 30 men started to go against each other.

Video: the men with green vests are volunteers

It is not the first time that Syrian and Afghans get involved in quarrel with the reason being most often “rivalry” and “which group has the upper hand over something.” in the early morning hours of Thursday, another quarrel broke out, 3 men were injured with knives and were taken to hospitals.

In the recent past, it was the Moroccan migrants who used to push for “leadership” among the masses, but they have been transferred to other camps.

PS with this appalling living conditions, blood can easily boil and nerves are often blank.

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