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Clashes among refugees in Piraeus, 7 injured (video)

Syrian and Afghan refugees delivered clashes on Wednesday night in the port of Piraeus. Greek media report that at least 300 people got involved in the clashes that left 7 injured and only the intervention of riot police after midnight managed to end the havoc at the port where more than 5,500 refugees and migrants spend their days and nights.

According to private Star TV, reason for the clashes was that an Afghan man slapped a Syrian woman who had slapped his child. The woman called in her relatives and other Syrians to take revenge and the whole ended in men throwing stones and bottles at each other, while some delivered body to body fights.

The Coast Guard tried to clam down the people however in vain. the intervention of riot police became inevitable.


Some of the injured were taken to the hospital.

Frustration among Afghans is high as they are excluded from been granted refugee status.

On Thursday morning, Greek authorities try to convince Syrian families to move to accommodation centers in other parts of Greece.

However, many still refuse to leave the port of Piraeus out of fear that they might lose contact to kinsmen or they will miss the chance to cross the borders if these will be open again. Greek authorities transfer Syrians and Afghans in separate centers.

On Wednesday evening, more about 2,000 refugees and migrants took part in a rally demanding “open borders”.

more videos & pictures here.

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