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Greek police arrests 18 people involved in Forex Market fraud, having scammed at least $35 million

A well-organized fraud, a criminal organization that had spread its operation into several countries. The profit at least 35 million USD and 3 million euro over a period of ten years. Among the victims is a well-known Greek businessman. After a police investigation that lasted more than 6 months, Greeks police arrested five Greeks in Athens and Kalamata on Tuesday morning. Among those arrested are reportedly two men, 48 and 53 years old, who are suspected to be the brains of the criminal gang. Also arrested are three women aged between 35 and 49. They face felony charges for fraud and money laundering and for having established a criminal organization.

The number of persons arrested is 18 in total, among them are 12 Greeks, 2 Turks, 2 Cypriots, one Russian and one Indian.

Greek media report that one of the “brains” of the gang was a well-known stockbroker with an alleged “excellent reputation in the field of Forex investment” as well as the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Crete. The stockbroker is claimed to have established at least 60 offshore companies in tax havens like the Virgin Islands, the Marshal Islands and other locations.

The operation schema of the gangs was a pyramid scheme promising investors a profit of 3% per month. They used to keep their victims close to the ‘fraud’ by issuing false profit certificates and occasionally giving them some profit money.

The victims of the gang were mostly Greek and Ukrainian investors, “more than 70.”

The fraudsters were approaching investors – “more than 70” – who wanted to invest in the Forex market.

I heard on a Greek television channel that the fraud went bust after one of the gang members went to police fearing a “death order”.

PS we have been bombarded by this news since yesterday, but police has leaked no name of the gang “brains” involved.Apparently police is after more people involved in the scam. Cases are also being built against another 25 suspected members of the racket.

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