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Idomeni evacuation in slow pace as many reluctant to move to new camps

Evacuation of Idomeni continues also on Wednesday although in slower pace than on Tuesday, the first day of the massive operation to have 8,500 refugees and migrants transferred to organized camps.

  From idomeni to Sindos camp – via @Antolalto

 Police tries to convince more and more people to leave the makeshift camp and according to state media, the small tents spread in the fields around the camp have been already evacuated.

Clearing Idomeni does not mean the problem is solved. People are just going somewhere else.

In our patients with chronic diseases are super worried about where they will next access care/ medication.

However, many refugees and migrants seem reluctant to move into an organized camp out of fear and anxiety. Some reportedly would not like to be under the jurisdiction of the Greek army, as the army runs many of the refugee camps.

This is Eko camp, the largest open camp after . Refugees gathered here cause of power outlets and toilet.

Families pushing baby buggies, men and children carrying luggage were seen earlier today to leave Idomeni on feet. Destination? Unknown.


According to Reuters, people in Idomeni camp started to run ir order to avoid Greek riot police and to have to get on the buses.

At the same time, others have reportedly moved out from organized camps in the broader area of Northern Greece and moved with their tents outside new camps like in Kalochori where their relatives and friends were transported from Idomeni on Tuesday.

One more old factory in Kalohori outside were 1700 from have been placed


Idomeni population and broader area estimation at 8am on Wednesday. Extract from a UNHCR Greece site map – via UNHCR’s

So far, more than 3,000 have been evacuated from Idomeni. Yesterday it was mostly  Syrians, Kurds and Yazidis. The daily goal is 2,000 people per day.

A ghost camp – Yet there must be still some 6,000 people around.

According to latest information, police has given a deadline until Wednesday evening to refugees and migrants camping around the rial track to clear the area. the train traffic is scheduled to resume tomorrow Thursday.

With ten riot police squads assigned to clear out the camp in Idomeni and with media or independent observers banned from monitoring the operation, activists have staged a protest.

Greek authorities have given permission only to state broadcaster ERT and Athens News Agency to cover the evacuation.

I assume that international humanitarian organizations will have to move to supply with their assistance the thousands in need.

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