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Greek Parliament scraps 50-seat Bonus, lowers voting age, keeps 3% threshold

With a simple majority the Greek Parliament approved last Thursday night changes in the electoral law, including scraping the 50-seat bonus for the party winning the elections, lowest voting age at 17.

Scraping the 50-seat bonus failed to receive 200 votes in order to be implemented immediately and therefore it will go into effect after the next elections, i.e. in two elections from now. It was approved with 179 votes from coalition government SYRIZA-Indepentent Greeks (153 votes),  Communist KKE (15 votes), Centrists’ Union (9 votes) and two votes from independent MPs. 83 voted NO, 19 ‘present’.

Lowering the voting age will go into effect as of the next elections, it was approved with 180 votes.

The 3% threshold for political party entrance in the Parliament remains. It was approved with 163 votes.

Present were 281 lawmakers from 300 in total. Golden Dawn abstained from voting.

The bill did not include any provision allowing right to Diaspora Greeks to participate in elections.

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  1. They should scrap the legal immunity rule to end corruption.
    Everyone, whatever their status should be treated aqually under the law.

    • Europe’s politicians are supporting corruption. They just pretend not to be so, as it would be political suicide. But the sad fact is that all of Europe is corrupt beyond hope.