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Erdogan’s hand in Turkish embassy in Athens: Two military attaches missing

Turkey’s anti-coup purge continues and it looks as if it has reached Greece, exactly the Turkish embassy in Athens.

According to an exclusive report by military affairs website, several diplomatic passports of diplomatic staff at the Turkish Embassy in Athens has been suspended on August 7th. The decision has affected also two military attaches – the attache of the Turkish Navy and the attache of the Land Forces.

Their duties are being executed by the alternate military attaches, while the whereabouts of the two remain unknown.

According to sources, the absence of the two military attaches has nothing to do with the summer vacation but rather with the anti-coup persecution in Turkey and the purge of everyone who might have a link or an ideological connection to US-based preacher Fetullah Gulen, for whom Ankara has requested extradition.

Greece fears that the two might have requested for political asylum in a foreign embassy in Athens.

So far there has been no official information about the issue.

Recently, deputy PM of the Turkish government and government spokesman Numan Kurtulsmus had claimed that the number of military personnel that “escaped” after the coup was 216 people.

“Fugitive are 186 members of the Turkish Armed Forces and 30 members of the Gendarme headquarters. A total of 216 people. Among the fugitive are 9 TAF member with the grade of a general,” Kurtulmus said.

Beginning of August, Ankara had suspended the diplomatic passports of the Turkish police officers observing the asylum procedures and the deportations on the Greek islands. The staff was called back to Turkey.  I don’t think they have returned…

PS How can two military attaches go … missing? Their passports would have been stamped when they exited Greece… Turkish Foreign Ministry and the General staff might know more and inform us.

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