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UPD RIO 2016: Spyros Gianniotis wins Silver in 10k Marathon Swimming

Greece’s Aquaman Spyros Gianniotis won Silver Medal in 10 km Marathon Open Water Swimming.

In an amazing close race, 36-year-old Greek “Aquaman” managed exactly the same time as Gold winner Dutch Ferry Weertman: 1:52:59:8

However,  the Gold-Silver difference was made in the photo-finish: Dutch Weertman hit the timing board first, Gianniotis with delay.

The Greek was initially declared the winner, before it was officially declared via the photo finish that Weertman won the Gold.

Σπύρος Γιαννιώτης: Τιτάνας της κολύμβησης στο Ρίο! Αργυρός στα 36 του ο Έλληνας “Aquaman”

Weertman (right) touches the timing board, while Gianniotis’s hand (left) still in the air

Σπύρος Γιαννιώτης: Χάθηκε στο photo finish το χρυσό! [vid]

A dramatic delay for Greece. Dramatic? Not really!

In the heart of all Greeks Gianniotis has won a Gold Medal in Rio.

Speaking to state ERT TV Gianniotis said that the Gold for Weertman was justified.

Spyros Gianniotis after the race:

“The best moment in my life”

According to ERT TV, Greece is going to submit a objection about the results.

UPDATE: Gianniotis blocked the Greek Olympics Committee from protesting for the medals

It is the fifth Summer Olympics participation of the Greek long-distance and open-water freestyle swimmer.

He has represented Greece at five consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 2000. In 2011 he became world champion in the 10 km open water at the world championships in Shanghai. At the 2012 Olympic Games in London  Gianniotis was 4th at the 10 km marathon swim, missing the bronze medal for only 5 seconds.

«Αργυρός» ο Γιαννιώτης στα 36 του - Έχασε το χρυσό στο φώτο-φίνις

Rio 2016 is the last time Spyros Gianniotis takes part in the Summer Olympics.

PS same time, two different medals? Greeks on internet want the jury to have given two gold medal – Wish impossible.

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    Gianniotis was equal BEST.He must win equal GOLD.