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Turkey abolishes Winter time, introduces Summer time forever

Turkey will stick to summer time all year round and  clocks will no longer go back in October due to measure introduced to make better use of winter daylight.

Turkey’s clocks will stop going back in winter, official decree rules. Photograph:
Turkey will stop turning back its clocks this winter, staying on summer time all year round to make better use of daylight.

The clocks in Turkey went forward one hour on 27 March for summer, in line with the rest of Europe.

But this setting will now remain in place throughout the year across the country, according to a decree adopted at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The clocks were to have gone back one hour on 30 October when Turkish summertime officially ends.

But after the decree, published on Thursday, there will be no winter adjustment.

The decree, which comes into force immediately, said the decision was aimed at “making more use of daylight” during the winter.

The decision means Turkey will be three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter as well as summer and two hours ahead of continental Europe in winter.

“I abolished the winter-summer time difference,” the prime minister, Binali Yıldırım, said in a speech to provincial governors.

“There will be no confusion now. The hours will be the same in winter and summer. You will change, not the hours.” (Guardian)

Last year, in October, the Turkish government decided to postpone the change from summer to winter time. until after upcoming polls. However, some clocks automatically changed the time, causing bewilderment in the society and the business world.

PS and one day Turkey will also abolish the last Kemalist reform, will get rid of the  Gregorian calendar and will officially travel from 2016 to 1437.

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  1. LOL. The next thing that Erdogan will abolish is time. In the Ottoman period, clocks were illegal. You had to listen to the Imam’s frequent calls to prayer to work out the time of day. I believe this is why Greeks also have no interest in clocks or time — a relic of their Muslim-controlled past.

    • why people need clocks anyway?

    • clocks were illegal where? when?

      just look at the tower timepieces that grace many of the cities in macedonia (and i mean greek)…xanthi, yanina etc. a great big clock built by abdulhamit right in a number of their central squares…

      • Well, this is what I have read in historical accounts. Maybe this was relaxed at a later stage of the Ottoman Empire — such that after 1832 the parts of modern Greece that remained in the empire (such as Macedonia) are different from Athens, for example. Certainly, these is no evidence of any clocks in Ottoman Athens. Elgin insisted on building one in Plaka in about 1812, as recompense for the Marbles (lol). It was burned down in the Revolution, but allegedly he was outraged by the lack of clocks and disinterest in time in Athens in the early 19th century.
        The Ottomans did change their minds on a lot of new things. Orginally, they banned tobacco and coffee, then abandoned the prohibition after public protest and became addicts of both.

      • You are right. Abdulhamit built alot of clock tower entire empire. Before him many Sultan did the same as well.

    • You can do that sort of thing when you are Sultan.

  2. What about computer’s OS? Will they not make the change automatically?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No, but Computers will be banned soon, so’ll be smart-phones and all the other crappy products of genocide and by banning this Turkey will become the most progressive nation worldwide, a nation that abolishes 90% of racism just by not to taking part in the slaughter for Coltan but on the other hand it’s also very conservative as blood-phones deserve the same ban like blood-diamonds – it’s just unbelievable how roll-back, regressive and corrupt “modern” societies are, they have no problem to holocaust 6 million in Congo just to get their devices to shit-storm 11 suicides for Apple in China.