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Nursery cleaner convicted with 15 years imprisonment for fake Primary School diploma

The Three Member Felony Court in Larissa imposed the penalty of 15 years imprisonment for a cleaning lady who had submitted a fake Primary School Diploma in order to get a job at a state nursery.

She was hired at the municipality nursery 20 years ago.

The court found that she had forged the diploma. She had attended primary school up to 5th grade but she had changed it to 6th grade.

With the forgery she fulfilled the criteria to apply for a vacancy opened by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Security.

The court found that the hiring committee and the board were misled by the fake diploma and hired the woman in 1996. The woman had received gross salaries of several thousands of euros all these years.

In her defense the woman said that she was in need of a work due to extraordinary familiar conditions. And added that the work she was doing [cleaning] was irrelevant with the educational skills she had to had.

The court conveicted the woman to 15 years imprisonment for “ccounterfeiting use with very great benefit and a corresponding loss of more than €120,000 and more than €150,000 for the Greek state, for fraud by profession.

The 51-year-old woman appealed the court decision and was released.

  proof that there are also fake mops

PS of course, a cleaner swings the mop and the toilet brush and in a much more professional way when she is a 6th-grade graduate… No, there is no law to for immunity protection for cleaners as there is for lawmakers and ministers.

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  1. I think there are many more who should be punished but won’t be, like politicians, everywhere in the world. At least this woman just did it to work and it wasn’t a job where the forgery endangered people’s lives, like someone pretending to have medical school credentials. They should have exercised some leniency for her.

  2. The mindless bureaucracy of Greece indicates that no level of education is sufficient to stop Greece’s lawmakers and judges from being utter morons. I have encountered them regularly over decades here, and consider them to belong in Turkey and the East — not in Europe.