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45% of Greece’s pensioners live below poverty line

45% of Greece’s pensioners live below the poverty line. They receive monthly pensions below 665 euro gross. The data has been released by the Greek Pensioner’s Network and shows the dramatic situation in which 1.2million pensioners experience after the repetitive cuts and hikes for health contributions.

Unions stress that 13.7% of Greece’s pensioners live in conditions of material

At the same time, 6 out of 10 pensioners receive pensions below 700 euro.

The network claims that 52% of the Greek households live from the pension of the family elderly due to the high unemployment rates of  23 – 25 percent.

I assume the data refer to pensioners of the private sector, because civil servants in early retirement still receive over 1,000 euro per month plus extra allowances and benefits.

However, Greek pensioners should not worry about their future. Labor Minister Giorgos Katrougalos has repeatedly announced that he will send personalized letters to pensioners explaining how their pensions were cut and how the retroactive cuts operate after the hikes for health contributions and taxes.

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  1. Germany is calling for a “fast track” to ushering in The One World Order.
    The Greek pensioners should focus on living life to the fullest while they still have some freedom & cash to do so.
    We will all be in Concentration Camps soon enough.