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Eurostat: 3.8million Greeks (35.7%) live in poverty or social exclusion- Rates rise year by year

Three million eight hundred Greeks live in poverty or in conditions of social exclusion. In Eurostat statistics this is 35.7 percent of the population and refers to data of 2015.

In Greece of sever years strict austerity, bailout agreements, wages and pension cuts and constantly high unemployment of around 25%, the poverty rates have – as expected – increased.

In 2015, it was 35.7% of the population, a total of 3.8 million people, living in poverty. In 2008 it was 28.1% of the population.

According to KTG’s records and Eurostat data the Greek rates were

27.7% (3million people) in 2010

31% (3.4million people) in 2011

Eurostat defines as poverty or social exclusion the state when one or more problematic situations occur:

Poor is one

when the income is below 60% of the national median income, lacks basic consumer goods, fails to meet minimum financial obligations, lives in households facing risk of unemployment or there is no household member with a regular job.

In Greece, 21.4% of the population lives in poverty conditions, 22.2% lives in destitution, 16.8% lives in households facing unemployment.

The corresponding average EU rates are 17.3%, 8.1% and 10.5%.

Within the EU, in situation worse than in Greece is the population in Bulgaria (41.3%) and Romania (37.3%).

Better off is the population in Czech Republic (14%), Sweden (16%), Holland and Finland (16.8%), Denmark and France (17.7%).

PS Given the half a million Greeks the have migrated in the years of the crisis, the real rates must be quite higher.

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  1. These are very disappointing numbers. If only about 1/3 of the natives are in poverty now, then the austerity programmes must be accelerated so as to double this rate within the next two years. Then and only then the glorious goal of the 4th Reich will be achieved, leading to the ultimate target: the land empty and acquired for free. Fortunately, we have Alex and his pals, who are working tirelessly in this direction. Hail!