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Kurdish MP claims “16 islands in the Aegean Sea” belong to Turkey

A Kurdish member of the Turkish Parliament launched a campaign against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and uses nationalistic and expansionist rhetoric and, of course, the Greek islands.

The man accused Erdogan that he allowed Greece to occupy “16 islands in the Aegean Sea” and claimed that “Turkey has sovereign rights over them.”

Among others, he mentioned the islands of Gavdos, Dionysades, Gaidouronisi, Koufonisi, Pharmakonisi, Oinousses and Agathonisi.

He accused Erdogan of “treason” and “betrayal”.

Ziya Pir is a MP of Kurdish party HDP since 2015 and also a nephew of  co-founder of the terror organization PKK, Kemal Pir, who died in 1982 in a prison in Diyarbakir. Pir is a Turk and not a Kurd.

It is worth noting that it was the leader of Turkish Kemalist party CHP who claimed end of September that Erdogan had “given 16 islands to Greece in 2004.” A claim that came out of the blue and without proof as 1. the islands were Greek also before 2004 and 2. no important agreement has been signed between the two countries in the last 90 years.

The islands on the Aegean Sea and the Treaty of Lausanne have been high on the  internal political agenda in Turkey, with both the Islamists and the Kemalists to race in nationalist rhetoric and in challenging Greek sovereignty. Both sides though seem to agree that the Aegean islands should belong to Turkey.

PS I am not going to analyze here this claim in terms of the Turkish internal political agenda, the aspirations of Ankara towards Mosul and the Turkish Kurds’ struggle for an independent state in the region. I will note that Pir’s claim reminds me of Greek saying “μάθανε πως @@μαστε, πλακώσανε και οι γ…” – no translation available.

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  1. what’s wrong with gypsies?

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Out of the blue this are exactly these 16 islands the MHP-fascists were asking for a few years ago their parliament and the Davutoglu government responded “Turkish” to, the same best friend of Germoney who opened the borders to Syria for Jihashits, who murder as “IS” hundreds of peace-demonstrators and claim to have killed the last two years 7000 “PKK”-fighters inside Turkey although the former PKK never came down from their mountains and so the 7000 are just (militant) youths and in majority innocent victims of the colonial occupation regime.
    To scandalize this so loud that the world can’t ignore this any longer Greek politicians should invite Kurdistan to join EU

  3. This does not sound to me correct, that an Hdp member would say such a stupid thing, is the reporting correct?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It makes sense only as a provocation against Erdogun, as no independent media in Turkey exists any more, one can also read about Turkey claiming their army did this and that in Syria and Iraq but it never happened, only for Turkish public.
      Anyway as this dude seems to be a by German media hyped Kurdish-German business-men his home-town Guest-book in Duisburg will love information, also an official note that he should not dare to ask for asylum in Greece.
      Anyway, Erdogun must be an idiot, if he wants to break with Kemalist history it would be much smarter to excuse for the Kemalist New Turks genocides in Minor Asia, keep his hands out of the Aegean, build up a federal republic with Kurdistan and first of all let Apo Ocalan out of prison, he can also point out that all the atrocities and massacres in Kurdistan were done by Grey Wolves, Islamists and Gulen – in the occupied north of Cyprus he cleaned the army of Coupists and Nicosia was thankful.