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Deutsche Bank Chief demands €150bn from taxpayers to recapitalize EU’s banks

Europe is seriously ill – Deutsche Bank demands £133BILLION slush fund from EU taxpayers – Troubled Deutsche Bank has demanded the EU set aside a huge slush fund to save the continent’s financial system from collapse.

The news comes after British CEO John Cryan today warned of rapid restructuring as the bank posted a two per cent profit amid its weakening position.

According to German media, David Folkerts-Landau, Deutsche Bank’s Chief Economist, said a €150bn (£133bn) pot of cash could be enough to recapitalise the banks.

In a bizarre interview Mr Folkerts-Landau said “Europe is seriously ill” and demanded the EU look at bending new rules to avoid disaster.

He told “In Europe the programme does not have to be so big.

“With 150 billion euros, the European banks can be recapitalised.

Strictly adhering to the rules would cause greater damage than suspending them.

“Europe is seriously ill and has to deal with the existing problems extremely fast, otherwise a crash will be imminent.”

The news comes as Germany’s largest lender set aside €1billion euros in a litigation battle fund this morning as it gets set to face legal action around the world after the International Monetary Fund slammed it this summer.

The bank said attention around negotiations concerning the DOJ settlement had an ‘unsettling effect.’ (full story via

PS I’d never thought, Germans had such a great sense of humor.

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  1. There is nothing funny about this. All of the Europe’s banks are more or less bankrupt, owing to their greed and incompetence over the last two decades. The solution is to close them and established state-backed banking. And the losses should be absorbed by the owners of these banks — the stinking rich. What they intend to do, instead, is make everyone (including the poorest) pay for their luxury lifestyles. The problem is that the peoples of Europe are too stupid to realise that there is an option, and too cowardly to take it even when it is pointed out to them. The Germans are the most stupid, of course.

  2. Mr Folkerts-Landau is right; Europe is seriously ill. What he did not say is that it is his employer and the misanthropes of the 4th Reich that cause the illness. To prevent the cancer from spreading the cancerous Nazi cells have to be destroyed. This is common knowledge and it is only the European “leaders” (i.e Quislings) who pretend they know nothing.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    They could take 50 billion they have paid in boni to their 1500 managers

  4. These banks should be left in the mess which thy hav created by their greed and incompetence over many years. Guest (Xenos) has the right answer. 150 billion Euros to establish “state backed banking” taxpayer owned in effect. Personal accounts to be saved and transferred.
    If the EU sets aside such a slush fund for the likes of Deutsche Bank and the others around Europe it must lead to the collapse of all support for the Eurozone, if not the Union. Because it would be theft from the people to reward the criminal incompetent bankers…..once again!

  5. That is bad capitalism. Lenders should be rewarded for the risks they take but the risks should be theirs only. No bailout for banks, as happened in the 2012 240 billion Euro “bailout” of Greece. Only 10% of that went to Greek society, the rest was to pay of bad debt (can there ever be good debt???). Courtesy of EU taxpayers who were not asked. The bankers laughed all the way to the banks.
    Be aware though, depositors, for ‘bail-ins’ like what happened in Cyrpus. You think the money you put on a bank account is yours? Banks think otherwise…
    Oh, and fuck Deutsche Bank. They took risks, they exposed themselves to bad debt and the 50 trillion dollar global derivatives scam. You deal with it.

  6. Funny that Deutsche Bank should be asking for billions in taxpayer backing. Is that to offset the billions in fines they face for criminal and fraudulent behaviors?

    KTG wrote: “Troubled Deutsche Bank has demanded the EU set aside a huge slush fund to save the continent’s financial system from collapse.”

    Perhaps the correct verbiage should be that something should be done to, “Save the continent from the morally bankrupt financial system”?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      24.4 billion bonus for their staff in only 5 years – I think from 2008 – 2013, about other times no info published