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Teacher dismissed after being “absent” from school for whole 8 years!

The first dismissals of teachers and university professors is a fact: five members of educational personnel have been kicked out of the public school system for an obvious reason: for not fulfilling the duties they were hired for.

The five people were found to be absent from the education institutions without excuse and for an unenviable long period of time. But they were receiving their salary month in, month out.

According to daily Ethnos, the dismissal affected four teachers and one university professor

The professor was hired by the university in Patras, in North Pelopponnese. An  internal investigation was conducted after students complained that he never appeared in the auditorium.

As for the other case, two of the fired teachers were in Central Macedonia, one in Crete and one in the area of the south Aegean Sea.

The most striking case is that one of the teachers did not appear in the school for whole 8 years. The other three were absent from one to five months and thus without excuse.

An internal administrative investigation is to be conducted if a school teacher is absent for 22 consecutive days or on month in total.

But apparently the bureaucratic mechanism that involves the school director, the department in charge and the education ministry is time-consuming, the daily notes

– and as usual in Greece of well-protected and well-organized in unions civil servants, it leads to nowhere.

PS a teacher was absent from school for 8 years! unbelievable!

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  1. How can a teacher be missing for a whole 8 years ??????

    • This has also happened in the UK, with a London university. It’s all about corruption, usually — that someone in a powerful position covers up the absence, even when other people are complaining about it. This, along with the lack of adequate bureaucratic procedures to investigate reports about missing employees, missing money, missing electronic items, etc etc.
      In Greece, there may also be an element that nobody cares anyway: why bother investigating something that is none of your business? “Good luck to them, for being smart enough to steal money from the State…”

  2. How about demanding the paid salary back and confiscating assets as collateral?