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Greece & Italy joint front: Cut EU Funds for members refusing to help in Refugee Crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Italian Mateo Rezi could be an effective  nice front against those xenophobic EU member-states that refuse to accept asylum seekers. I have the feeling that the first steps in this direction are already under way – nevertheless, the South Europe Solidarity Summit in September.

Four days ago, in an interview to German daily Stuttgarter Zeitung, Alexis Tsipras  asked for sanctions and cuts in EU Funds for those member-states refusing to actively participate in dealing with the Refugee Crisis.

He stressed that there must be pressure from the side of the EU against those member states and added that it has be proven that Brussels can use this tool achieve this objective through the European Structural Funds.

“Whoever denies involvement in addressing the refugee crisis should consider that he would receive less money from EU funds, ” Tsipras proposed.

Yesterday Monday, it was the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi who addressed the same issue and even warned that Italy is only willing to disburse its EU contributions if all countries are willing to do their bit to address the migrant crisis.

“It’s too easy to take our money and then put up walls. You know what? Money doesn’t go through walls” said Renzi in an interview with a local TV channel. “If you put up walls against migrants, you can forget about Italy’s money.”

Renzi was vocal in expressing his disappointment with the EU for what he said was a lack of support in dealing with the influx of migrants. “Italy has taken responsibility because of Europe’s failure to show solidarity,” he said.

Greece and Italy are the countries of EU and especially the European South mostly affected by the Refugee crisis.

Beginning of September, the leaders of Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Spain met in Athens for the EU-South Solidarity Summit, the first of its kind. Migration, Security and Economy were the key issues they dealt with. They also signed a common declaration.

Apparently, tsipras and Renzi had also agreed to put pressure and push for sanctions against EU member states who whistle indifferently on the Refugee Crisis.

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  1. Not sure making cause with Renzi is a brilliant idea at the moment. Unless he wins his Referendum in December the good ship Renzi will likely sink with the loss of all hands.

  2. This is just for show cause they very well know that if the EU does that it will mean the end of the EU.

  3. Please, take away all the Structural funds together with your islamic migrants