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Fingerprints match: Afghan murder suspect in Germany was jailed in Greece for woman assault

An Afghan man arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder of a young woman in Freiburg, south-west Germany, had already been convicted of attempted murder of another young woman in Greece.  Media reports say that Greek authorities have matched the fingerprints of the suspect in Germany with those of the convicted migrant in Greece.

The 19-year-old Afghan migrant has been accused of murdering 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg, in October 2016.

Maria, daughter of a senior European Union official, was allegedly raped and killed after leaving a student party. The young woman was also a volunteer for a refugee charity.

In both countries, the suspect had declared he was an unaccompanied minor migrant. He had claimed to be 17 years old when he was arrested by Greek authorities over the attempted murder of a 20-year-old student in 2013. When he arrived in Germany two years later he claimed that he was 16 years old.

On the island of Corfu, he had robbed a woman, 20, and pushed her over an eight-metre cliff. The woman was walking home. It was only because his victim was an experienced mountaineer that she survived with serious injuries.

In 2014, a Greek court sentenced him to 10 years behind bars but he was released on 31 October 2015 from the Greek prison after 18 months due to controversial Paraskevopoulos Law aiming to relief the country’s overcrowded prisons. The suspect was supposed to register at a police station, however, he disappeared short after his release.

He arrived in Germany in 2015 claiming he was coming from Austria. Apparently neither his fingerprints nor other suspicious data about him were in the Eurodac registration system for refugees and migrants. He applied for asylum and was brought into a facility for unaccompanied minors. He was registered in November 2015 as Hussein K, 16 years old. He lived for some time in foster care of a German family.

After his arrest, German authorities followed his traces back in time and clues started to strengthen about his past. German magazine STERN was the first to report about the possibility Hussein K was the same person in Freiburg and Corfu.

Outraged about the murder of Maria, the German started to attack Greeks about handling with refugees and migrants. Now German media wonder if the registration system for refugees and migrants has been a failure.

Pictures of suspect Hussein K. started to circulate on the internet.

Among his tattoos is also a swastika!

A Greek lawyer alleged that the man suspected of killing Maria in Freiburg had also tried to kill a young woman in Corfu.

Lawyer Maria-Eleni Nikopoulou was able to identify the Freiburg suspect, Hussein K, from photos. “Yes that’s the young man I defended in 2013. I have no doubt,” she told Germany’s DPA news agency.

Speaking to a Greek news program, the lawyer confirmed the identification based on pictures however with “some reservation.”

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  1. “Now German media wonder if the registration system for refugees and migrants has been a failure.”

    You’d think?
    There a hundreds if not thousands of cases of fake identities or no identities at all but still people were allowed in. Germany identified 2000 people with fake passports but still allowed these people in. German intelligence agencies suspect there are at least 800 jihadies in Germany and they lost track of many of them. Keeping an eye on them would require enormous resoures. Yeah, a really great success this registration system. But hey, “Wir schaffen das”. Not.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      All refugees could settle perfectly in the United Squats of America and Australia, there’s enough space and no discussion can arise about “legal” or “illegal” as both countries are both illegal anyway.

      • Especially considering the fact that the whole situation in MENA is thanks to the foreign policy of Obama and Clinton with a ‘little’ help from Cameron and Sarkozy.
        And then Merkel said her “Wir schaffen das” while not providing enough resources to acually ‘schaf’ it. And now they are ‘shafted’.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          But this stands only for the folks that took her serious and had no problem with her bombings in Afghanistan, others were more like this song “Angela Merkel Jugend”, by German Italian band The Lazies:

          Unfortunately this is old and unknown but a Greek cover version of it would hit Euro.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    As he gots more swastikas on his back returning from the rest-room made him feel suicidal and so he was transferred into prison-hospital. May be one can write some greetings, normally the name plus “Untersuchungshaft-Justizvollzugsanstalten” and Germoney should work perfect

  3. EURODAC has been a failure ever since it started. If the Germans have only just realised that, then they are very slow learners.