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Thessaloniki Mayor Boutaris: “I am ashamed to be Greek”

The Mayor of Thessaloniki Yannis Boutaris triggered uproar on Sunday when he publicly said that he is ashamed to be Greek.

I am ashamed that I am Greek because when I go abroad I am treated as if I were a leper,” Boutaris said at a meeting organized by former ministers of PASOK Diamantopoulou, Ragousis and Floridis in Greece’s second biggest city.

Boutaris who is also a famous winemaker stressed that PASOK did a lot of thing in the country and that the political system is in

He stressed that PASOK did a lot in the country and that the political system is the “souse.”

“Let’s go for a new Greece. You cannot make something new with souse. We are all on pills. We must forget the old and build the new. We are still young,” the 74-year-old Mayor of Thessaloniki stressed, according to local

Boutaris was a PASOK supporter but had failed at least one time to gain the party’s support at local elections.

The Panhellenic Socialist Movement PASOK is in kind of …revival after former Prime Minister George Papandroeu decided last week to join forces with the Democratic Front (PASOK) of Fofi Gennimata.

Papandreou is the son of PASOK founder, Andreas Papandreou.

He was forced by the lenders to resign as Greece’s Prime Minister in November 2011. He broke up with PASOK.

In January 2015, he announced his aspirations to return to high-profile domestic politics and launched his own party Movement of Democratic Socialists to contest the 25 January 2015 parliamentary elections.

Receiving only 2.46% of the electoral vote, Papandreou’s new party however fell short of the 3% electoral threshold. His failure to be reelected marked the first time since 1923 where a representative of the Papandreou political dynasty is not present in the Greek Parliament.

He practically disappeared form the Greek political scene. Now he decided a come back apparently in hope to revive PASOK and bring it back to its old days of glories.

PS Will Papandreou’s come back convince the ex PASOK and now SYRIZA supporters to return?

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  1. You can be ashamed that you are Greek because the people of this country tolerated a series of treacherous Quislings governing the place since 2009. You can be ashamed that you are Greek because governments since 2009 have not been subservient enough to the 4th Reich. Boutaris belongs to the second category….