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Priest refuses to baptize infant because of Godfather’s sins

A local priest has refused to baptize an infant because of some sin committed by the godfather.What did the godfather do so that the clergyman deprives him from the role of being the spiritual guide for a baby?

The sin committed by the godfather is that he has married through a civil marriage and not in a religious ceremony as well.

The infant’s parents told local media in Trikala, central Greece, that they will seek another church and consequently another priest to christen their child.

“We won’t seek another godfather” they said.

Most probably the local priest will insist….

Meanwhile in Missolonghi, in western Greece, the local bishop urged parents to refrain from allowing their children to join carnival activities.

Bishop of Aitolias and Akarnanias, Kosmas said also that it was a shame for Missolonghi to organize Carnival activities.

According to the bishop, “terrible things” happen at these “carnival parties,” especially when they take place at night and midnight.

PS I suppose, all carnivalists in Missolonghi turn into pumpkins, 12 o’ clock sharp.

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  1. It’s about time the Greek Orthodox Church was closed for business. They are incapable of serving the needs of Greek society, and behave like a monopolistic business subsidised with public money.

    • Thankfully yours is not the opinion of members of the Greek Orthodox Church, such as myself. The church helps a lot of unemployed and needy families all over Greece.

    • Is “Get off the pot” polite enough for ktg?
      Guest: the Greek Orthodox clergy is a National Treasure, that gift that keeps on giving.

      • I do not agree. I respect people’s right to religious belief, but my view of the Greek church is that it has dominated Greece since 1832 — with massive taxes flowing into it, and income from land, and has done little for the Greek people. But, that’s my opinion: if people want to keep on paying for it, that is their choice.

    • Perhaps let the Greeks of Greece which are 98% Greek Orthodox let them decide for themselves. Not you a foreigner who likes to stick his snout in everyones business

      • I gave an opinion which it is my legal right to do – although I am aware that fascists would like to control the speech of everyone. And the figure of 98% Orthodox is not correct: this is an old figure given out by the police, from the early 1990s. There is no current figure on how many are practising Orthodox, and how many are in name only; and how many are different religions or without religion. It is something forced on Greek citizens, when it should be a personal choice.

        • Forced how? It’s something we believe. Your obviously a atheist and indeed a true fascist. You have a legal right but you shout down everybody Martie that disagrees with you and even condone violence against people who you dint like.

          • If people believe in it, then it’s fine by me. And no, I am not exactly atheist, and most certainly I am not a fascist (this far right allegation being made all the time against democratic socialists and others).
            As for how people are forced into accepting the label, you had better ask them. I merely repeat what many Greeks have told me, that it causes more trouble than it is worth to deny being Orthodox. This would make it very similar to the Church of England — which is the religion of the monarch and people subscribe to it for christenings, weddings, deaths. Few actually take it seriously.
            As I said, if it is what people actually want and believe in, then fine. It’s not my right to tell anyone else what religion to follow.

          • Uh huh. The old ” I heard …” it always spreads you see hear experience things everybody else doesn’t. How is that so

          • Your ignorance of the Greek people is your own problem. Try asking people what they think, instead of asserting fascist demands that they think what you tell them to think.

          • Ummmm let us know how Greek you are mr SJW. You have no Greek blood and you just hijack our culture because you have none yourself. We know you twist words facts to suit your own agenda but now you’re claiming a Greek blooded individual is ignorant of Greeks and a pom knows more because you study here and write skewed reports to push your own militant agenda?

          • I claim nothing. I told you that you seem to be ignorant of what greeks actually think — that is probably because you are an Ozzie fascist anyway. You did not even grow up in Greece, I am sure.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          But how comes that Greek Black Metal is much more powerful than the church?
          Religion belongs into the Near East not into Europe, a god believing in “Flat Earth” must be very powerful indeed.

  2. i am sick of these ignorant leech papades…

  3. Baptism is a religious ceremony. Why is it wrong for the Church to expect the Godfather to follow the rules of the organization in order to participate in the ceremony? Secular organizations have their own rules that members must follow as well. This is a non-story.

  4. For those who think the Greek church is so wonderful, I just found this old post (18 months ago) on KTG:

    • this one incident is not characteristic for the whole GR church. As in every society group there are good guys and bad guys.

    • One report characterising the entire church who has existed for 2000 years. If it was a refugee report you would scream it was a fake report. Typical xenos

      • The greek church has not existed for 2000 years. Try reading some history. And my comment was about one report, somply because I do not know about any other reports — good or bad. That is the whole point: there is no scrutiny of what the greek church does with public money.

  5. First mention of the word church was in 110ad in a letter from one Greek church to another. Antioch to Smyrna by St ignatious written in Greek. Try reading some history yourself

    Cherry picking reports to prove a point is what you’re doing. I’m sure there’s reports of good they have done you conveniently missed.

    • The Greek Church was created after Greek independence. Greeks do not own Christianity: it is owned by Jesus Christ, who was not a Greek but a Jew.

  6. Mehmet you are the biggest troll. Church was created after 1821? You serious? Ooookkkk how do I counter statements like that. You’ve outdone yourself this time.

    Nobody owns Christianity it’s a belief even Jesus doesn’t own it.

    I can’t work it if you are serious or not or just mentally unhinged with all your comments that border on insanity. Best part is you are a expert on ALL matters whether they’re theological, financial, cultural or political.

    • Try dealing with historical facts. The Church of Greece did not exist before 1832. When we are talking about the behaviour of the Greek Church we are talking about the structures and rules that were created after 1821. It5 has NOTHING to do with anything in the centuries after Christ’s death.
      And yes, Christianity is owned by Jesus Christ. Doubtless, he would be (or is) appalled at the behaviour of human beings made in his name — torture, murders, theft, abuse of power, etc. If you think that I am interested in what semi-educated morons think about Christianity, you are mistaken. Try preaching your nationalistic crap to more stupid people than me.