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Homeless woman arrested & charged for fire in garbage bin to warm herself

Last night, a homeless woman started a fire in a public garbage bin in order to warm herself. However, authorities had little understanding for her plight and arrest her.

The incident occurred in the heart of the city of Volos in Central Greece.

The homeless started the fire in a garbage bin late on Monday night. However, passerby alerted the local police and the fire brigades.

The woman was arrested and brought to the public prosecutor. She was charged with the “damage of an object that serves the public.”

The 40-year-old homeless woman is a national from Uzbekistan and has been reportedly wandering around in Volos for quite some time.

I suppose the woman can not pay a fine and will have to spend some time in prison.

PS Spring is here but nights are still chilly especially when you live on the streets.

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  1. Meanwhile the anarchists who set bins on fire are free to do as they please!

    No she won’t be sent to jail, just burdened with the court process that’s all.


    • The same happens across Europe. It is much easier to arrest homeless people than to find vandals or anarchists. Fact of life.

      • Actually in the UK burning rubbish bins are not tolerated like in Greece.
        Also having anarchist havens are not tolerated either. I don’t blame the Greek Police for Exarcheia, I blame the government.
        If it was in a civilized country, they would find every single anarchist and jail them!

        • What a silly comment! Nobody tries to burn rubbish bins in the UK because (a) there are no communal bins; and (b) they wouldn’t burn anyway with all the rain. Claiming that this is “not tolerated” is akin to saying that building igloos is not tolerated in Greece: it is just a silly comment.

          And as for your other silly comment: what do you think an anarchist is? Someone who disapproves of all government? By this criterion, much of western Europe is now of this opinion, after the mess that the crooked politicians have made with banks since 2008, and with the eurozone since then. We are all anarchists now, especially in Greece.

  2. Well congratulations, police and justice department. Greece has become a bit safer now.
    How about those who set political and financial fires? How about dealing with them and sending them to jail?