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Chios: Syrian refugee set himself on fire, police officer injured too

A Syrian refugee set himself on fire in the hot spot of VIAL on the island of Chios on Thursday noon. A policeman who attempted to save him was also injured though slighter than the man.

The refugee is in critical condition as he suffered severe burn injuries 85% of his body. He was rushed to the local hospital, medical personnel provided every possible assistance. He is awaiting to be transferred to a specialized hospital in Greek capital Athens.

Attention: video is graphic

Transferred to the local hospital was also the police officer who rushed to save the man on fire.

The policeman has reportedly suffered burn injuries 3% of his face and 7% in his hands (?). He will most likely also be transferred to Athens for better treatment.

According to information obtained by local media, the 29-year-old Syria refugee arrived on the island on March 22, 2017.

Seventy refugees and migrants arrived on Chios on Thursday morning and another 68 on Wednesday.

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  1. This was predictable. UNHCR has been warning that refugees are arriving with serious psychological problems — even children with terrible conditions. Neither Turkey nor Greece provides medical help for these people, and it’s left to charities such as MSF to do what they can. Many NGOs are not dealing with the camps which they consider to be illegal and unacceptable abuses. This is a total mess, even with small numbers arriving.

  2. So it’s greeces fault he took petrol and a match to himself. What happened to good old responsibility for your own actions. I dont hear you saying anything about the Greek policeman who got burnt also. I know I would of watched from a safe distance

    • keeptalkinggreece

      “I dont hear you saying anything about the Greek policeman who got burnt also.” not hear? you should read then

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