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INIOHOS 2017: Fighter jets F-16 and F-4 roar over Athens VIDEOS

Fighter jets roared in the sky over Athens on Tuesday noon to mark the end of Hellenic Air Force-led multinational exercise INIOHOS 2017.

On Greek F-16 Block 50, one Greek F-4E, one Italian AMX Fighter Bomber and one Israeli F-16 Block 30 flew in formation over the Acropolis.

One more Greek F-16 flew close in order to take pictures and film this memorable flight event.

The two videos below display a bite from the flyby.


Official footage and pictures will be released later by the Hellenic Air Force.

“This year the USAF crew stays on the ground and so does the crew from the Air Force of the United Arab Emirates, that took part in INIOHOS 2017. Apparently the Arab crew does not want a picture together with the Israeli Air Force.

INIOHOS 2017 run from March 27 to April 6, fro the Andravida Air Base, in Peloponnese.

The Hellenic Air Force-led ‘complex exercise’ involves air forces from Israel, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Italy.

The exercise has been designed by the Greek Air Force General Staff and takes place within the FIR Athens.

The exercise gives the chance to air force crews to strengthen bonds between NATO allies and partners.

It is the third consecutive year the exercise has been held

More on the fighter jets flights on Tuesday and INIOHOS 2017 here.

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