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Athens bus drivers claim headaches, dizziness from telematic devices radiation

The Athens Transport Union suspects bus drivers are suffering from “radiation” from telematics/e-ticket devices in buses. According to the union, drivers complain about headaches and dizziness ever since the telematic devices were installed in buses almost a year ago.

The problem with the installment of two telematic devices just above the driver’s seat creates health problems for the Athens Transport personnel,” the union said in a statement.

“The seat for the bus driver is located just a few centimeters way from the two devices for telematics and e-ticket. There have been several complaints by drivers about headaches and dizziness since the devices were installed and went in operation,” the statement adds.

The union criticizes the OASA management for delays in conducting scientific research to determine whether the devices in question emit radiation above the permissible limits as the union has asked. The union demands ‘immediate response’ saying any delay puts the drivers’ health at risk.

The union threatens that if the management does not react as soon as possible, the drivers will remove the two devices.

In a recent television report about the issue, a mean Greek claimed that Bus drivers “keept talking on their mobile phones while driving” and that “headaches may come from this device.”

Another ‘mean Greek’ posted this on Twitter:

I don’t know the level of radiation by emitted by this devices but a specific remedy can be THE problem to the problem: A Tin Foil Hat.

The two-layer aluminum foil hat is known to shield the brain from radiation threats, electromagnetic fields, mind control, mind reading, conspiracy theories and other maladies…

A crazy Irish living in Greece called for a support action.

PS This telematic device or ‘smart bus stop’ obliges the bus to be at certain bus stops on specific times. This must be a big challenge for bus drivers who cannot take a not-scheduled break, I dare assume. Ok. I belong to mean Greeks, as well.

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  1. Does anyone know the frequency of these devices installed on buses just above the driver’s head? Are these frequencies in the microwave range? Drivers will be exposed to these devices every day they go to work. If they do work on microwave frequencies, one of the foremost experts in assessing biological damage from microwave radiation teaches at Athens University.

    By the way, there is still much controversy on whether non-ionising radiation induces cancer and its been going on for many, many years. I do know exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen based on heavy mobile phone use and cancer induction.