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Dramatic horse rescue out of a 20-meter deep well VIDEO

It took a well organized operation, three vehicles of the Greek Fire brigades, seven fire fighters and  several men of the EMAK, the rescuers of  the Greek fire brigades, to bring the unlucky horse back to earth surface. The dramatic horse rescue was captured on a video by a local television network.

The horse had fallen in a 20-meter deep well in an agricultural area in Kritika near ancient Corinth in north Peloponnese.

A worker found the horse sometime around 8 o’ clock Thursday morning and called the fire brigades.

The fire brigades responded immediately and rushed to the horse rescue.

Initially the rescuers pumped water out of the well to protect the horse from eventual drowning.

Two men went down and bound the horse so that the lifting would be safe.

In an operation that lasted more than three hours, the men pulled out the horse. It was trembling from the shock and the cold.

Video by Korinthos TV

The animal was slightly injured on the back and his tail.

Rescuers and the owner covered the exhausted horse with blankets.

According to the fire brigades, the horse was grassing in the area and fell in the well maybe sometime after dawn.

Fire fighters said that wells should be have the necessary infrastructure to avoid that humans and animals fall inside.

Local media did not mention whether the plot belongs to the horse owner.

More pictures from the rescue operation here.

PS A well without a fence or any other protection? This is criminal.

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  1. How is it possible that the horse is still alive – BRAVO to all the men who worked to get the animal out.