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The incredible sea rescue of horse “Haido” from a rocky beach (videos)

An incredible story. A huge rescue operation was launched to rescue a horse trapped at a remote rocky beach without access to humans or animals. The horse was missing from the stable for 23 days. The owner had published ads for his missing horse. without success. It was a fisherman …

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Sheer outrage when kindergarten organizes Body Painting on a Horse!

An weird children activity was offered by a kindergarten in Thessaloniki, North Greece. The kindergarten organized the unprecedented activity, Body Painting on a Horse! The action triggered an outrage, animal lovers lashed out at the kindergarten and accused it of “abusing the horse” , while it was sending wrong messages …

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Dramatic horse rescue out of a 20-meter deep well VIDEO

It took a well organized operation, three vehicles of the Greek Fire brigades, seven fire fighters and  several men of the EMAK, the rescuers of  the Greek fire brigades, to bring the unlucky horse back to earth surface. The dramatic horse rescue was captured on a video by a local …

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Patras: Traffic police fines …horse

A horse without rider galloping through the streets of a city? Impossible! A concerned citizen who saw the horse wandering around in the streets of Patras, Western Peloponnese, alarmed the  police. A traffic policeman was sent to the spot to deal with the case. Unable to find any other solution …

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Horse DNA found in Greek “farmhouse” sausages

Greek Food Control Authority (EFET) found horse DNA in sausages. The specific product with the name “farmhouse sausage” had the commercial name “Nostima” (delicious). The sausages have been produced-packed by a company in Northeastern Greece. near Alexandroupolis. The sausages were bearing production date 23. Feb 2013 and expire date 25. Mar …

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