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Schaeuble confident Greek deal at Eurogroup, lures UK to reverse Brexit

A rare day of positive karma for German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. He said on Tuesday he was confident that Greece and its international lenders will reach a compromise deal this week, a step that would unleash more loans for Athens.

“We’ll manage it on Thursday. You’ll see,” Schaeuble said during a panel discussion in Berlin, international media report

The German finance minister did not elaborate. He did not waste a single word on how this agreement could look like. He did not revealed whether he was willing to compromise with the International Monetary Fund.

Officials have signaled that eurozone finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund are likely to strike a compromise on Greece on Thursday, paving the way for new loans for Athens while leaving the contentious debt relief issue for later.

IMF head Christine Lagarde suggested a plan last week under which the Fund would join the Greek bailout now, because Athens is delivering on agreed reforms, but would not disburse any IMF money until the euro zone clarifies what debt relief it can offer Greece.

But Greeks should better be suspicious on Schaeuble’s assurances. At the very end, nobody doubts that what is an agreement for him, it is usually a loss for Greece.

In another surprise move, Schaeuble told Blomberg TV, that Britain would find “open doors” if it changed its Brexit decision.

It is the first time, Schaeble made a statement on Brexit.

PS I’m sure his Brexit statement was aiming to anger Juncker.

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  1. Nazi talk! How nice…

  2. Nazi !? Schauble. Hardly…he just dont wont to pay your bills. How strange…

  3. A little education goes a long way.

    Schaüeble is not “paying our bills.” Greece has a primary budget surplus which means it has more than enough money to “pay it’s bill.” The argument is over how large that surplus should be and for how long, and how much of that surplus should be used to pay back (with interest) the loans given to Greece.

    When you add in the fact that loans were not made with money wrenched away from poor, starving Europeans , despite what the populist rhetoric coming out of Europe would have us believe, but rather come from loans taken on at ZERO interest rate from the Central bank and loaned back out to Greece at a much higher rate, you can understand that Germany and co. have been making a killing on the interest only (not to mention the fact that they’re using the situation to buy out all valuable assets in etc country). So they could spare us the hypocritical hand wrangling and the constant stream of aggressive rhetoric whereby the lazy Greeks are taking the food out of the mouth of hard working European taxpayers.

  4. Here’s an article about Roland, the serial German freeloader who feels he doesn’t have to pay for his food and drink in Florence because Germany has already “paid” for Europe. Sounds do me like Schaüeble has a cousin or a half-brother.

  5. Just one small correction Tintin. The interest you mention out of the as it were loans first is used to buy out Greek politicians and MPs. Then it is for assets at fire sale prices. See, we buy our own Quislings ourselves. Self-sufficiency.