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Gov’t spokesman tells Regling to mind his own business when it comes to Greek cabinet

Greek government spokesman told the President of European Stability Mechanism to mind his now business when it comes to work of the Greek cabinet ministers. Spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos commented to statements by Klaus Regling that “some ministers oppose privatizations.”

“It is not possible that some institutions make such comments about internal issues of the Greek state. Everyone should look after his own house,” Tzanakopoulos said adding that “Regling needs to understand that there is democracy in Europe.”

In an interview to state broadcaster ERT, Regling had said among others that Greek government ministers “at certain times disagree with measures that have been agreed to, and with specific privatizations.”

“Such non-institutional interventions” aim at creating internal divisions in the government, the spokesman said in an interview to private Skai TV.

He recalled that “Mr. (Wolfgang) Schaeuble tried to create divisions within the government … It’s an interesting strategy by creditors, but one that is not based on reality … the institutions (creditors) cannot proceed with such type of statements that involve the Greek state’s internal matters … Everyone must look after his own, can you image if we intervened on the manner in which the ESM is run, there would be a warlike situation in Europe.”

He stressed that “investment is not only privatizations” and pointed out that several investors had been waiting for the second program review to conclude.

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos stressed that all ministers work towards the successful conclusion of the program.”

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  1. Laugh now! Dear Dimitraki, don’t you know that Klaus is your superior? Sometimes these foreign employees of Germoney GmbH have no respect for authority. They will never be promoted to managerial level if they keep behaving like this.