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SKAI TV fires journo implying Tsipras’ “former comrades” behind terror attack at Papadimos

Private broadcaster Skai TV fired a journalist just hours after he implied on a live show that ‘former comrades of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ were behind the terror attack against ex PM  Lucas Papadimos end of May in Athens.

In his live magazine on Tuesday, Konstantinos Bogdanos criticized Alexis Tsipras for not having paid a visit to injured Papadimos while in the hospital.

“Luca Papadimos is more than a month and one week in the hospital, hit by the former comrades of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister had not paid him a visit,” Bogdanos said.

His statement triggered an outrage, especially as no organization had claimed responsibility so far and Bogdanos claim that was unfounded.

“Bogdanos went beyond limits,” conservative commented.

The presented repeated his claims later with a post on his Facebook page.

During an urgent meeting with broadcaster executives later on Tuesday, Skai offered Bogdanos to make use of his summer vacation and stay away from the broadcaster.

“Bodganos allegedly insisted on returning to his afternoon show on the next day and explain his allegations. His main argument was reportedly that Syriza officials attended terrorists’ trials as witnesses of the defense,” notes . It is a website dealing with media issues.

No solution was found, Wedsnday noon, Skai showed Bogdanos the exit door.

In a statement announcing the ‘divorce’ Skai apologized for Bogdanos’ “inappropriate references” and “unacceptable implies against the Prime Minister.”

Skai stressed that the media group “guarantees the free expression to journalists working at the its media, provided they keep the ethical code and do not get involved in “misinformation and intrusive attacks.”

The Prime Minister’s office reacted cool to Bogdanos allegations saying “It is not the first time he confuses news with propaganda, fake news, slander and insults. Nobody takes him seriously, anyway.”

Former prime minister Papadimos was injured and hospitalized when he opened a letter bomb while in his car in the Greek capital.No organization has claimed responsibility so far, even though authorities hinted at the “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.”

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