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Taxpayer freaks out in Chania tax office, one officer injured

One tax officer was transferred to Chania hospital after a taxpayer freaked out in the local tax office and started to smash office equipment. One of the equipment pieces  that flew in the air injured the tax officer in the eye.

The incident occurred Thursday noon, when a woman entered the office. She was furious because the tax authorities had sized her bank account due to pending tax issues.

She furiously asked for explanation and at one point she started to smash computerized machines and other equipment that were on the desks.

A piece of plastic flew in the air and hit the officer in the eye. He was rushed to the Emergency where he received stitches.

The woman was arrested.

The tax office employees association filed a law suit against her for the incident, the equipment damage and the employee’s injury.

Immediately afterwards, they decided to close the tax office for the remaining working hours and also to not open it on Friday in a move of protest against the risks the tax office employees face “as they no longer know the visitors’ intentions,” the association said.

The association even asked for measure to protect tax officers.

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  1. The politically correct thing here is to say that violence should not be tolerated blah, blah, …
    Well I beg to differ. When untold violence is exerted on citizens by seizing their bank accounts and assets at will, simply because they have no money any more to pay crazy taxes (arbitrarily decided by a well-fed group of Quisling MPs), why should this not breed more violence? Sorry, I forgot. The New Order of the 4th Reich wants Greeks to starve to death quietly at some street corner….

  2. @Iannis. I totally agree. And I would add that there is no sense in paying all your taxes when 94% of them only go to the Eu big banksters. The present government is really “macho” against its own people but a total boot-licking coward in front of Schaüble, Dijsselbloem, and the other New World Order dictators. Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are starting to show the right attitude toward the EU bums in Brussels. More power to them.