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Unique “Fish Fossil” found in Samaria Gorge in Crete (pictures)

Amazing finding in Samaria gorge on the island of Crete: a 20-kilo heavy “stone” in fish shape. Experts from Technical University will examine the unique discovery. Is it the fossil of a pre-historic fish or just a game of nature and erosion?

The “fish fossil” would be another confirmation that once upon the time the Samaria gorge but also the Mountains of Crete were covered by sea water.

This fish fossil was discovered a couple of days ago during maintenance works in Samaria path.

Giannis Fotakis from Forestry Department in Chania told local media flashnews, that the fossil weights 20 kilos and is 50 cm long.

The fossil is to be thoroughly examined by  Technical University so that experts at the Mineral Resources Engineering Department of the Technical University of Chania. They will face the challenge to ascertain whether the “stone” is a well-preserved fossil of a prehistoric fish.

The exact spot where the “stone fish” was found has been recorded, University experts and Forestry dept officials are soon expected in Omalos Mountain in order to inspect the site.

The Samaria Gorge

The existence of fossils of marine organisms in the Cretan Mountain has been well-known, experts have often found fossils shells.

Once upon a time the Cretan Mountains and the Samaria gorge were in the bottom of the sea.

“In the Samaria Gorge, the fossils of the vertical side surfaces reveal its geological history and adorn the surfaces of rocks in different places. An experienced eye can distinguish organisms such as diatoms and sponges and “read” what was happening across the Mediterranean 180 million years ago.”

Flashnews notes that fossil shells have been often found in the gorge of Samaria, while in a place called “Fish” a large rock is the fossil of a marine creature.

Due to enormous geological interest, the so-called Stone Museum has been created at the southern entrance of the gorge, in Agia Roumeli.

PS As I see some kind of ‘arms’ I wouldn’t be surprised if the prehistoric fish is one of our pre-pre-pre-historic ancestors…

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