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Divorce finalized: Athina Onassis gets rid of unfaithful husband, pays him almost nothing

Golden heiress Athina Onassis finally managed to put an end to her marriage with Brazilian rider Alvaro de Miranda Neto known as Doda. The low-profile, ‘silent’ girl took a sound revenge: she pays her former husband for 11 years much less that he had asked. Athina Onassis proved in the court that he had a relationship with a Belgian model for 8.5 years.

After a year and a half years of lawsuits, injunctions, suits and claims of hundreds of millions of euros, the former spouses decided to get their divorce in consent.

According to Greek tabloid Espresso, the divorce was issued, with the two parts to have reached agreements on all issues and that all they wanted was to leave the difficult period behind and move on in their lives.

German lifestyle magazine reports that both were represented at the Belgian Court by their lawyers and called for a quick agreement.

His claim was based on the pre-marriage contract that should have granted him also 11 million euros in one-off payment as well the horses joint ventures.

At the very end, the Brazilian “beau” had to be satisfied with a much lower amount as ruled by the court. “Doda gets almost nothing,” Bunte reports.

The amount the ex husband is going home with has not been revealed so far.

The marriage solution came shortly after a good friend of the Onassis family, Alexis Manatheakis, revealed, that de Miranda was in parallel relation with a Belgian model in 8 out of the 11 years of marriage with Athena.

Speaking to Greek media on Friday, Mantheakis said that it was “a Belgian woman who worked as escort who approached him and handed him a file with all evidence she was in relationship with de Miranda.” The file contained bills incl accommodation in hotels, flights etc. he said.

32-year-old Athina Onassis is the only surviving descendant of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, She is the sole heir of Aristotle’s daughter Christina Onassis, who had inherited 55% of his fortune, and died of pulmonary edema when Athena as just three years old.

Onassis married Brazilian Olympic showjumper Álvaro de Miranda Neto in 2005. She was a competitive show jumper, under the name Athina Onassis de Miranda, until she filed for divorce in 2016.

Her personal fortune is estimated $270 million.

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  1. Maybe it’s finally time for her to come back to Greece and run the Onassis Foundation?

  2. I doubt it, she has no family in Greece. And Greece is toxic for the Onassis family, so many bad things happened, everyone died early basically except her!

    She can come and party but I doubt she would want to continue the ruined Onassis name due to so many tragedies.

  3. I am sorry you divorced, but lies will come out like the roots of the grass.
    Do not worry, whether there is one there will be many. Lick your wounds, go out and enjoy life and never get married again!

    Come to Astoria for a really home cooked meal baby girl
    You’ll do just fine! 😊

  4. Justice!!!

    I hope she has the courage to love again because she is a lovely girl with a natural look.

    And he wiil be a heart breaker again. It is his nature….

  5. well, she hired a husband.. she paid him what he deserved.. and send him home.. that’s all..!!! I don’t feel sorry for her.. generally she causes the problems to herself.. Since she thought that she deserves to be married with a professionanl “call boy” then she must be ready to pay the price.. i can’t say that she deserves the name onassis.. Onassis was a real and original Greek.. she is not greek.. she hates greece.. i wonder, since she hates greece so much, why is she using onassis name.. her name is russel.. (another hired “husband”…

  6. $270 million, what happened? That fortune should have snowballed in several billion by now?? If she had any brains she would have left her father out of anything to do with $, a bigger loser in life would be hard to find….

  7. “Better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all”. Athina is known for her big inheiratance but she is still searching , like everyone else, for the purpose of her life. I hope she finds it. She is in a position to help her fellow mankind. But to do that she needs to meditate and find her calling. Someone who loves horses the way she seems to, has a lot of love and happiness to share. I wish her the best of luck!

  8. Hecataeus Miletuss

    I would like to reiterate that she should come back to Greece and refind her roots. She has had bad experiences outside of Greece, so why not come back and see if she can be the new generation of young businesswomen who can reinvigorate Greece with her name and passion. There are a few places in Athens where she could invest to create riding centers for Greek children and create the next generation of Equestrianism in Greece.