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Finance Ministry to start lottery for purchases with credit/debit cards on Nov 30

The first ever lottery for purchases via credit and debit cards will take place on Thursday, November 30th 2017. To start with, the Greek Finance Ministry will use the data for purchases made in October. The Ministry reportedly plans one more lottery draw action in December for transactions via plastic money that were made in the rest of the months of 2017, i.e. from January to September.

On Thursday, the finance ministry will distribute one million euros, each lucky tax payer and card holder will receive 1,000 euros.

It is not clear whether the prize award is tax free. If it is not, it can cause several problems to taxpayers with low income as it will move them into another taxation category and they may need to pay much more in taxes than they prize they will receive. due to the absurd taxation system of ‘deemed income’.

The banks will send to the Ministry of Finance the total amount of expenditure effected by tax-payer number (AFM), while the Independent Public Revenue Authority will conduct the confirmation of the expenditure per plastic money for each AFM.

The model applied in the lottery program is designed in such a way that the biggest  the amount of purchases made by each consumer/taxpayer the higher the chances to win the 1,000 euros.

The winners will be notified via a personalized message in their taxisnet account and the cash prizes will be credited to the bank account that the taxpayer has declared.

According to left.gr, the December lottery draw is scheduled to distribute a total of 12 million euros.

The purpose of the lottery is to combat tax evasion by businesses offering goods and services, since tax payers will have an incentive to use their credit/debit cards for their transactions.

What I see here is the total violation of privacy of  credit/debit cards holders under the bait of awards via a lottery conducted by the Finance Ministry.

I believe, taxpayers/consumers should have the option to declare whether they agree to participate in this lottery or not.

PS but the bailout agreements have scrapped all privacy rights…

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