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One elderly injured in the head when foreclosure protesters clash with riot police (videos)

Protesters clashed with riot police when they tried to halt foreclosures in a court in Athens on Wednesday afternoon. One elderly was injured, when a police bat landed on his head. Two more people were injured. among them is the former mayor of Kaisariani suburb of Athens was transferred to the hospital due to respiratory problems after police fired tear gas in the enclosed area of the court building.

Clashes took place also in Thessaloniki outside the offices of the notaries’ association.

Members of the movement “I don’t pay”, leftists organizations and members of the communist party union PAME were already inside the court building in downtown Athens and tried to enter the court room. Riot police squads did not allow them and fired tear gas in the enclosed area creating a suffocating atmosphere.

The foreclosure protesters were chanting slogans and swearing against the president of the notaries’ association who was present. In one court room, leftists party LAE and former Parliament Speaker Zoi Konstantopoulou – both former SYRIZA – had filed against the notaries’ decision to suspend their strike earlier than 31. December and allow foreclosures and electronic auctions for outstanding debts.

Riots police squads were reportedly deployed inside the court room and had taken position even next to the judges. Journalists were not allowed in the court room.

The anti-foreclosure movements protests mainly the foreclosure of the first residence.

Dozens of foreclosures took place today following the notaries decisions with bank representatives to have filled the court rooms and business and private debtors in desperation.

Riot police managed to get protesters outside the building and the situation in Athens court remains tense.

According to latest information, one elderly protester was injured in the head.

“They [police] attacked us when we tried to enter and with a bat they opened my head. What can I say?” the injured told threatening in his anger to respond with stabbing.

According to media information, 10 of the foreclosures on Wednesday referred to first residence. 15 out of 29 foreclosures in total referred to outstanding debts below 300,000 euro. One shop was auctioned for a debt of 50,000 euros.

Clashes between protesters and riot police occurred also in Thessaloniki when protesters attempted to enter the offices of the local association of notaries.

Meanwhile, the two electronic foreclosures – the first ever in Greece – initiated by the Eurobank ended without the anticipated results as there were no bidders’ offers, economic news website notes.

More footage from the clashes here.

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