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UPD Big rescue operation underway after climber accident in Mt Olympus

A big rescue operation has been going on since Saturday morning to save a woman who has been injured in area Stephani in Mount Olympus. The health condition of the 35-year-old woman from FYROM (Skopje) is considered as serious.

According to a statement, the Greek Rescue Team was informed about the incident at 10.53 through radio transmitter from the refuge “Giosos Apostolidis.”

The Greek Rescue Team informed the fire Brigades and asked the assistance of an air carrier for the transportation of the woman.

According to information from the refuge “G. Apostolidis ” the climber was injured after falling into Stefani area at an altitude of about 2,800 meters.

A super-puma helicopter of the Greek Air Force is participating in the operation.

The condition of a woman’s health is serious, the Greek Rescue Team said in a statement.

Together with the woman are reportedly two men who had also informed the refuge about the accident. Giosos Apostolidis is built at an altitude of 2.697m.

The Greek Fire Service reported at noon that it was operating with a 11-man strong force.

By 5 p.m. there was no update on the issue.

UPDATE 10:30 pm

An earlier attempt by the Super Puma helicopter to land at the refuge area failed due to weather conditions.

On a Tweet posted at 09:30 pm, the Greek Air Force said that the helicopter will try again to land after midnight Saturday.

Meanwhile, the injured woman has been transported to the refuge which fire fighters have approached and are with her.



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