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26-year-old inmate dies in prison due to untreated dental infection

Justice authorities investigate the death of a young inmate last week in a cell in Larissa prison in Central Greece. The 26-year-old has reportedly died of a simple tooth injection that turned fatal. The man had received no treatment, due to what it seems delays by the prison authorities.

According to Solidarity Network for Prisoners, the man was in Malandrinos prison serving the fourth year of his sentence due to robberies.

According to reports by the Greek Justice, the detainee started to complain about the tooth infection on Jan 29 and he was taken to a local health center where he received medication. However, the symptoms did not recede and it was considered necessary that he had to be treated by a maxillofacial surgeon. As there was no dentist of such specialty in the broader area of Fokida, where Malandrinos prison is located, it was decided that he is transferred to the prison of Larissa. Once there, prison authorities arranged an appointment with a surgeon at the University hospital. The date was set Feb 5th.

On Friday, Feb 2nd, two days after his transfer to Larissa prison, the young man was found dead in the prison cell.

Already in Malandrino, his face was distorted by the swelling caused from the tooth inflammation.

First autopsy indications exclude criminal activity, tissue examination in the laboratory is to shed light in the real causes of his death.

Prosecution has ordered investigation in both Prison facilities incl any possible disciplinary responsibilities of the prison staff.

From time to time there have been cases of prisoners who denounce that they do not receive the medical treatment they needed while in Greece’s prisons.

Can someone die of a dental inflection? Apparently one can…

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