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Greek Police arrests Pakistani for stabbing British Expat in Corfu

Greek police has arrested a 36-year-old Pakistani national on Monday for the stabbing of a British expat living on the island of Corfu on Saturday. The perpetrator had stabbed the 51-year-old expat allegedly suspecting he had an affair with his former girl friend. He had beaten the woman before stabbing the man. According to some media, the woman was a British national, some other claim she was also a Pakistani.

Police had launched a manhunt to catch the perpetrator. Authorities are to raise charges for attempted murder, causing of bodily harm and illegal weapon possession. The man has been arrested in the past for drugs possession.

The Pakistani reportedly went late on Saturday to the expat’s home in the village Kato Korakiana in the Nort-West of the island. There he found the woman from whom he had recently separated.

He beat the woman, had a quarrel with the 51-year-old British national and stabbed him three times in the abdomen with a kitchen knife. Right after the attacks, he fled.

The bleeding Briton managed to walk to a neighbor’s house and ask for help. He underwent a long surgery in a local hospital, where he remains in the Intensive Care Unit. His life is not at risk.

Also the woman was transferred to the hospital,  having suffered injuries and bruises from the beating.

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