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“Green” Anarchists attack butcher and fish shops in Ioannina

Four butcher shops, one fish shop, an animal transport truck and a hunter’s vehicle became the target of so-called “Green anarchists” in Ioannina in Epirus, West Greece. The perpetrators wrote slogans on the stores windows and caused material damage.

A group calling itself “Black and Green Flasks” claimed responsibility for the attacks, issued a statement and uploaded pictures on a website belonging to the anti-authoritarian movement in Greece.

They wrote on the window of a butcher shop “Slaughterhouses on fire”

“Our aim is to show solidarity with those whose basic right to freedom is being violated from the time they are born, for profit, entertainment, tradition and the dominant system of carnism beliefs,” the statement said among others.

Noting that the attack on the fish shop was due to their “struggle” and defend also sea creatures.

“Fish belong to the sea” on a fish shop window.

They warned that they will continue attacks and even escalate them until Easter Sunday.

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