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Imia: NATO SecGen calls on Greece and Turkey to de-escalate tension in Aegean

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a call on Thursday for the de-escalation of tension in the Aegean. The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance displayed absolute neutrality to tension between the two NATO members Greece and Turkey.

Asked about a recent incident involving Greek and Turkish patrol boats near the Imia islets during a press briefing in Brussels, Stoltenberg said that it had dominated his meetings with the defence ministers of Greece and Turkey.

“I welcome the fact that the two prime ministers spoke on the phone and appeal for the continuation of contacts in order to avoid similar incidents in the future,” he said adding that both countries are “valuable allies”.

“We want to do our utmost to avoid real problems and the escalation of conflict and tension between them,” Jens Stoltenberg said.

Apparently Stoltenberg’s call did not reach Turkish ears. Turkish Coast Guard boat GUVEN violated Greek territorial waters as Imia almost at the same time the Secretary General was holding the press briefing. At least, two TCG boats remain at Imia still Thursday afternoon, even though they try to sail within their own territorial waters.

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  1. George Patsourakos

    Greece needs to take the Imia islets crisis to the United Nations, in order to have Turkey censured for violating Greece’s sovereignty.

  2. NATO secretary hahaaa? crap ways you act ?
    Greece they all wanted you to help them , But they are woman they have no self respect toll the pissoff ?

  3. It’s not anymore Turkey. It’s Russia, China India, Turkey and the other side USA canada Europe. It;s not easy any more for West to impose its will. the new role of her is ‘The taming of the shrew’. unfortunatlely greece after WWII is unde a major influnce of US. All gr minister are imposed by usa and eu and then are served to the people to vote them. greece never had its own external policiy not even enternal. if usa and eu colide with turkey the reason that they w iil do it , it will be to protect the fulel sources that by mstake ti happens to be in Greece’s region. they bankrupt this country to take from the people the oil and gas resources. sometimes i wish turkey take over greece to pull thw country through the teeth of these crooks banksters.