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FM Kotzias receives threat letter with bullet inside. creepy threats

A bullet wrapped in a letter arrived at the Foreign Ministry, the envelope was addresses to minister, Nikos Kotzias. The letter was reportedly referring to the ongoing negotiations on the Macedonia name dispute and the latest developments. The bullet and the letter were immediately forwarded to Greek police.

According to daily tanea, the bullet is a small projectile of an antiaircraft weapon (!).

It is not known whether the security system of the ministry worked and how the threat letter was discovered.

The letter arrived last Tuesday and the content hints at far-right background, not to say “junta-supporters” who appeal at the Armed Forces to intervene and stage a coup d’ etat, killing all members of the Parliament.

“For everyone especially for those who will sign the sale of our Macedonia, we only have one thing: We will eliminate their families from the youngest to the oldest [member],” the author writes with a clear threat to the foreign minister and the deputies who will accept an agreement on Macedonia name dispute.

“Those of you who fell Greeks fight for our ideals, for our history, for our identity,” the letter reads among others adding “the issue of Skopje name hides big traps.”

The author calls on Armed and Security Forces “do not obey their orders, go to Parliament and kill them all, stop the sale off to NATO and the EU.”

According to latest media information, also Kotzias’ co-workers receive threatening phone calls.

Beginning of February, Foreign Minister Kotzias had received another letter threatening him there were “three bullets kept aside” for him.

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