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Civil Protection General Secretary resigns over Wildfires Tragedy

The General Secretary of Greece’s Civil Protection Giannis Kapakis submitted his resignation on Monday, exactly two weeks after the wildfires tragedy that cost the lives of so far 91 people.

The resignation comes a fay after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras replaced the chiefs of Fire  Service and Police.He replaced them with the deputy chiefs who had also take part in the operational handling with the fire.

Kapakis’ name was reportedly next of the list of those in charge in handling with the deadly wildfires to be replaced.

Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas resigned last Friday.

Resignations and replacements have been considered a must for such an unprecedented tragedy that took place just 30 km away from the Greek capital Athens.

New general secretary of Greek Civil Protection is Ioannis Tafyllis.

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