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Demolition of 3,200 illegal constructions in Attica is imminent, says Tsipras

3,200 illegal buildings and constructions like fences will be immediately demolished, Prime minister Alexis Tsipras announced in the aftermath of the tragedy in Athens wildfires. Following a meeting on the subject on Tuesday, Tsipras said “the chaos of unchecked construction that threatens human lives is no longer acceptable.” He announced demolition of unlicensed constructions also in other regions of Greece.

“Whatever harms forests and coasts, whatever threatens human lives, will be torn up. It is an obligation to those who died, but more than than, an obligation to the future generations,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He announced the immediate demolition of 3,200 illegal buildings and constructions in forest and coastline areas in the Attica Prefecture.

For the 3,200 objects there are final demolition protocols and following final court decisions, he added.

Tsipras announced also the demolition with “express procedures” of  any wall fence along the coastline. He reminded of the Tritsis Law and said during his speech that was broadcast live “there is a law since 1983 according to which there should not be any fence in a depth of 500 meters from the seashore.”

“Whatever threatens public safety will be demolished,” Tsipras underlined and announced demolition of illegal buildings and constructions will start also in other regions of Greece.

He promised “an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the causes of the loss of life with unassailable processes and unimpeachable specialists.”

Death toll in Athens wildfires rose to 91 after one more victim died in the hospital on Monday.

“Attica experienced an inexpressible human tragedy. Greece has experienced a national tragedy”, said Alexis Tsirpas among others with reference to the dozens of dead who lost their lives in the wildfires in East Attica just 30 km away from Athens.

Among the tragedy causes are listed the extreme weather phenomena, lack of organization and coordination between the services assigned with citizens’ protection as well as illegal buildings that blocked access to the sea with the result that people were trapped in the narrow streets of Mati.

The immediate demolition of 61 unlicensed constructions in Attica has already been announced.

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