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Death toll rises to 91 after another Athens wildfires victim dies in hospital

Death toll in Athens wildfires rose to 91 after one more victim died on Sunday night. A 95-year old woman hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Thriaseio Hospital in Athens was the third fire victim to die over the weekend. The woman was the eight fires victim to die in the hospital.

A 55-year-old woman died on Saturday night and an 85-year-old man on Sunday noon.

According to latest information on Monday morning, 36 people are still hospitalized fifteen days after the tragedy. Six of the injured remained intubated in intensive care units of hospitals in the Greek capital.

Also a child is still in a children’s hospital.

Two bodies found in the fire affected areas have not identified yet as they have not been sought by their relatives. DNA samples are available.

While prosecutor’s investigation about the unprecedented tragedy continues, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras replaced the chiefs of Fire Service and Police on Sunday. The replacement followed the resignation of Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas on Friday.

Apart of the gusty wind blowing on 23. July with the effect that the blaze was speed very quickly, investigation focuses of possible grave operational mistakes that led to the death of so many people.

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